Buzzsprout And Podium Announce Innovative Partnership To Revolutionize Podcasting

Buzzsprout, one of the leading podcast hosting platforms, and Podium, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence (AI) tools for podcasters, are announcing a strategic partnership. On June 6th Buzzsprout formally released new generative AI features, powered by Podium, for all Buzzsprout customers: Cohost AI.

This partnership will provide Buzzsprout’s customers with the ability to automatically generate comprehensive show notes, easy-to-navigate chapters, title recommendations, transcripts, and more.

“When evaluating AI partners, Podium was the clear winner” said Alban Brooke, Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout. “Podium consistently delivers high-quality results, and we’re thrilled to work with them seamlessly integrate AI into podcasters’ workflows.”

After recording and editing, podcasters can spend anywhere from one to ten hours in post-production. Podium’s AI solutions can reduce this to mere minutes upon uploading of an audio file. With Podium’s AI tools, podcasters can radically increase productivity, discoverability, and accessibility.

“We’re really happy to partner with a company that is committed to empowering podcasters like we do and has been a leader in the podcast hosting marketplace,” says Paul Bloch, co-founder of Podium. “By integrating Podium’s AI, Buzzsprout is the first to release this kind of AI technology at scale to creators. Buzzsprout is helping their customers to focus on what they do best – creating compelling and exciting podcast content for their listeners.”

The collaboration comes as part of both companies’ commitment to making podcasting more inclusive, efficient, and engaging. To learn more about Podium’s AI tools for podcasters, visit

About Podium

Podium is a forward-thinking AI company that pioneers solutions for the podcasting industry. With a suite of AI-driven tools, Podium is helping podcasters streamline their process, increase efficiency, and improve accessibility. From transcription to show notes generation, Podium’s services are leading the way in digital content creation.

About Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout has been a trusted name in podcast hosting since its establishment in 2009. Its mission is to make podcasting accessible and straightforward for anyone looking to create and distribute their podcast. With powerful analytics, a user-friendly interface, and a passionate team, Buzzsprout continues to lead the industry in innovation and service.

Independent Podcasters Have Earned $100k With Buzzsprout Ads

Buzzsprout is reporting that its podcasters have earned over $100,000 USD in the first two months of launching Buzzsprout Ads.

Buzzsprout Ads offers a revolutionary monetization opportunity for independent podcasters. Built from the ground up by Buzzsprout, the system brings YouTube-style monetization to podcasters with the additional benefit of giving them complete control over what ads play in their podcast.

Francesca Amber from the Law of Attraction Changed My Life podcast said, “The whole system is just magical. In 15-20 minutes each week, I have been able to generate game-changing income. As I get new ad opportunities, I simply approve the ones I like and decline the ones I don’t. I’ve sold my own ads in the past, and the return on time invested with Buzzsprout Ads is just better in every way.”

On why Buzzsprout built a new system instead of plugging into an existing programmatic offering, Buzzsprout Co-Founder Kevin Finn said, “There are a lot of issues with programmatic ads. Podcasters have limited control over which ads get played, the payouts are low with confusing terms, and there are privacy concerns for listeners. After reviewing the options, we concluded that ‘Problematic Ads’ would be a more appropriate name.”

Buzzsprout Ads utilizes first-of-its-kind technology to automatically identify natural breaks and insert customizable audio transactions. This saves podcasters time in their workflow by allowing them to monetize their episodes with a single click. Technology from the “podcast” namespace is used to automatically create chapter markers for the inserted ads, which display artwork and links in compatible players.”

Buzzsprout Ads is available to anyone who hosts their podcast on a Buzzsprout paid plan, agrees to the program terms, and meets the download minimums (currently 1,000 downloads in the last 30-days).

About Buzzsprout: Buzzsprout was founded in 2009 and is the world’s largest premium podcast hosting platform. Whether you’re just starting or have been podcasting for years, Buzzsprout is the easiest way to start, grow, and monetize your professional podcast. Buzzsprout is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Buzzsprout Announces Buzzsprout Ads

Buzzsprout is excited to announce Buzzsprout Ads – a revolutionary way to buy podcast promotions across the 114,000 active shows hosted on BuzzSprout.

Buzzsprout Ads helps podcasts get their shows in front of the right audience: people who already love listening to podcasts and are interested in similar topics.

It is a self-service platform where any podcaster can sign up and buy an ad regardless of where they host their show. Once a podcaster uploads their promo audio, it will be immediately matched with the optimal audience based on categories and listening preferences.

Buzzsprout Ads works with any budget, with ad buys starting as low as $100 for 5,000 ad downloads, and since it targets a podcast audience instead of individual shows, it scales for the largest budgets.

Every podcast promo bought on Buzzsprout Ads runs as a mid roll to optimize its performance.

Podcasters can start buying podcast promos today and, for a limited time, podcasts hosted on Buzzsprout will automatically save 30% on any ad buy.

Buzzsprout was founded in 2009 and has helped over 300,000 people launch their podcasts. It is the easiest way to get your podcast online, listed in every major podcast directory, and distributed to the world. Buzzsprout is based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida.

Buzzsprout Announced Dynamic Content for all Buzzsprout Accounts

Buzzsprout announced their Dynamic Content tool that gives Buzzsprout podcasters more control over their episodes. The tool is intended to extend the life of evergreen podcast episodes. Buzzsprout’s Dynamic Content tool (DC) lets podcasters add and remove short pre-roll (intros) and post-roll (outros) to – or from – their content. Users can add updated content retroactively applying changes to all existing content.

To clarify how that works, Buzzsprout provided an example:

Let’s say you have an online course to promote in your pre-roll but don’t want to manually edit and re-publish individual episodes.

Using Dynamic Content, you can apply the pre-roll message to your whole catalog straight from your dashboard, saving time and giving you more flexibility in how you manage your podcast episodes.

Buzzsprout’s Dynamic Content (DC) tool is different from Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) in two ways:

While DAI swaps ads or sponsorships in episodes by targeting them at specific people or groups, Buzzsprout created their tool without these features letting podcasters stay in charge of their content without sacrificing the privacy of listeners.

Buzzsprout worked as effectively as possible to efficiently create this high-bandwidth feature without raising prices. Ultimately, they were able to create a tool that’s both valuable and available to all Buzzsprout users regardless of plan.

You can use the Dynamic Content feature to: thank a sponsor, announce an upcoming event (live or virtual), send a holiday greeting, thank your supporters at the end of your episode (patrons), promote a giveaway, let people know about your Facebook Group, Instagram Page, etc., or cross-promote other podcasts.

Buzzsprout Added the Soundbites Tag

Buzzsprout continues to charge forward with support for the new “podcast” namespace. They announced support for the Soundbite tag. The tag itself is very simple, but the opportunities for its use are very exciting.

Buzzsprout is the first podcast hosting application to push this new tag and we’re excited to see how other podcasting apps start using it.

The first podcast listening app that Buzzsprout has seen using the Soundbite tag is Podverse. They have added Clips, which lets listeners see and play all of the Soundbites from an episode or even all the Soundbites from the entire podcast. You can check out Buzzcast to see (and hear) an example.

Buzzsprout has long offered the ability to see a Visual Soundbite for your podcast episodes. The process has not changed; you create Soundbites in Buzzsprout the same as before.

What has changed is how Soundbites are distributed. Previously, you were fully responsible for sharing your Soundbites across the internet, typically on social sites.

Now Buzzsprout is adding all Soundbites created in BuzzSprout to your RSS feed as well. This allows any podcast app or directory to easily identify points of interest within your episodes and highlight them in various ways.

Buzzsprout Receives IAB Tech Lab Certification

Buzzsprout, one of the world’s largest platforms, announced that they have secured IAB Tech Lab certification for podcast measurement compliance. This certification further verifiers Buzzsprout’s years of investment to ensure that its customers’ download, listener, and delivery metrics are accurate.

The IAB Tech Lab’s certification process verifies that companies, like Buzzsprout, are following the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0 that establish a set of uniform principles for advertising metrics in podcasting. These standards aim to unify the podcast community around a universal and consistent measurement system.

“Buzzsprout has been an industry leader in podcast measurement for years,” said Tom Rossi, Co-Founder, Buzzsprout. “Working through the code audit and carrying our metrics without any adjustments to our implementation was indeed validating, but more importantly our customers will not see any drop in their numbers and now have the official IAB Tech Lab verified seal of compliance behind them.”

Since Buzzsprout was founded in 2009, it has been at the forefront of the movement to ensure podcast downloads and other critical metrics are accurate. IAB Tech Lab certification is Buzzsprout’s latest step in validating those efforts.

Buzzsprout Launched Transcription Distribution

Buzzsprout launched a new feature set that allows podcasters to easily distribute their own episode transcripts to listeners.

This toolset is a huge step forward in improving the accessibility of podcasts for the hearing impaired, as well as enhancing the end listener’s experience by allowing them to read along while listening. Additionally, transcription is critical to search engine optimization (SEO) and can boost podcasters’ ability to get discovered and grow their audiences.

“We love podcasts and are in a good position to provide solutions to some of the growing pains this industry is facing,” said Kevin Finn, co-founder of Buzzsprout. “Discoverability and accessibility are at the top of our list. It’s been encouraging to see app developers share our own enthusiasm for this solution.”

Podcast Addict, a very popular listening app on Android, is the first to integrate Buzzsprout’s new transcript distribution toolset into its app, providing its listeners with synchronized captions and a way to view the entire transcript from within the app. Buzzsprout is working closely with others in the industry and expects to announce additional integrations in the coming weeks and months.

“I’m thrilled to bring transcripts to Podcast Addict listeners. A big thanks to Buzzsprout for adding this in their feeds and for providing the implementation specs. This will benefit both listeners and podcasters,” said Xavier Guillemane, Developer of Podcasts Addict. “When people see this, they are going to want it available everywhere.”

The launch of this transcript toolset is a culmination of years of work. Buzzsprout is currently distributing over 46,000 transcripts with hundreds more being published through the platform every day. For more information on the importance of podcast transcripts and how you can add them to your own podcast or listening application, visit the Buzzsprout Blog.

Buzzsprout Released Advanced Podcast Statistics

Buzzsprout released its advanced podcast statistics, allowing anyone with a Buzzsprout account to track their show using comprehensive, intuitive, and actionable data within a well-designed interface.

This update offers at-a-glance statistics on podcast growth while respecting listener privacy and ensuring maximum accuracy.

Buzzsprout advanced podcast statistics provide insight into podcast performance over time, episode downloads, listener locations, and apps/devices used.

Buzzsprout has been a leading provider of podcast analytics for over 10 years. This latest update incorporates the most advanced technology and best thinking from a coalition of industry experts to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive podcast statistics available.

Throughout its creation, Buzzsprout focussed on building a stats package that:

  • Implements industry standard best practices
  • Makes the complexity of algorithms within a beautiful interface for ease-of-use
  • Collects the least amount of data necessary to provide anonymized statistics
  • Protects the podcasting space from privacy violations

“With advanced podcast statistics, podcasters can figure out which marketing efforts are working, so they know what to focus on,” said Alban Brooke, Buzzsprout’s Head of Marketing. “With this rollout, we’re adding an entire suite of podcast statistics to all Buzzsprout plans without increasing our prices.”

Buzzsprout Introduced the Wave Podcast Player

Buzzsprout has introduced the Wave Podcast Player. It is a brand new podcast player for all Buzzsprout customers. It builds off of what Buzzsprout learned since they launched the Minimal Podcast Player in 2015.

The Wave Podcast Player gets its name from the waveform that is front and center on each embed player. It adds a cool visual component while letting people know they’re about to listen to an audio file.

Those who use the Wave Podcast Player can customize the colors, artwork, and type of player. It is possible to customize the colors to match your podcast’s unique branding.

You can also customize the artwork that is displayed on the Wave Podcast player. You can pick to use your podcast artwork, episode artwork, or to leave artwork off the player altogether.

You can also decide if you want to embed a single podcast episode or create a playlist of multiple episodes. If you decide to include multiple episodes you’ll have the option to filter episodes by guest, tag, or by a number of your most recent episodes.

Buzzsprout users can customize their own Wave Podcast Player now. It is now available in your Buzzsprout account.