Captivate Announces Major Updates And Monetisation Functionality

Captivate, a leading podcast hosting and analytics platform owned by Global, the Media & Entertainment Group, proudly announces the launch of two industry-leading monetisation features designed to empower podcast creators: a subscription-based model and a tipping function.

These powerful features will allow podcasters to better engage with audiences and foster a supportive, profitable community. They will also unlock new revenue potential.

In response to the growing demand for more flexible, diverse and sustainable monetisation options, Captivate has developed these tools to provide podcasters with a seamless way to earn income directly from listeners.

The brand-new membership subscription model offers the most advanced functionality of any hosting platform and gives creators total control to create effective monetisation strategies. Podcast publishers now have an option to make exclusive content available for premium subscribers and they can give early access to content for paying listeners.

Creators also benefit from advanced functionality such as being able to set the number of subscription slots available on each membership tier, bringing independent creators a powerful toolkit with which to creatively sell sponsorships and more.

In addition, a new tipping feature will allow fans to support their favorite podcasters with one-time contributions. 

Stripe Marketplace, a global payment platform, will ensure transactions to give listeners and creators full peace of mind. Stripe’s robust security features ensure that all financial information is protected, allowing both creators and supporters to trust the platform.

Captivate’s new revenue feature also include an in-depth, simple-to-use revenue dashboard, integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and a simple “wallet” for managing withdrawals, making it easy for podcasters to manage their income and track earnings.

Mark Asquith, Managing Director of Captivate, Global said: “We’re thrilled to launch these new monetisation tools for our podcasting community. The subscription and tipping features provide podcasters with the financial support they need to continue producing high-quality content. We’re committed to helping serious podcasters to grow their audience and revenue in diverse and meaningful ways, and these new features are a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

Global, the Media & Entertainment group, acquired Captivate in 2021 and integrated the platform into its entertainment app Global Player, and its digital ad platform DAX whilst still focusing on growing Captivate as the first choice for podcast distribution, measurement & monetisation amongst serious audio creators. 

James Hickman, Managing Director of Global Player said: “These innovative, fully integrated features open up so many new opportunities for podcast creators – from audience growth and engagement, through to monetisation and revenue. They also provide listeners with a chance to interact with their favorite shows and hosts and show their appreciation for the content. We’ll of course continue to use Captivate’s market-leading product to continue to grow our own portfolio of hit podcasts too.”

In addition to the exciting new membership and tipping features, Captivate is proud to unveil the newly branded “Captivate Creator Suite,” a comprehensive toolkit that brings together Captivate’s unique, market-leading workflow and revenue tools.

The Captivate Creator Suite encompasses several of the platform’s existing features, including dynamic show notes, guest booking and interview management tools, episode planning and research tools, as well as AMIE, Captivate’s innovative dynamic content and ad technology and will continue to expand as Captivate releases more innovative features.

All of these market-leading creator tools are now consolidated into one easy-to-understand offering, empowering serious podcasters with the ultimate toolkit to streamline their creative process, enhance audience growth, and maximize revenue opportunities.

The introduction of these new monetisation features highlights Captivate and Global’s commitment to innovation and the ongoing growth of the podcasting industry. As podcasting continues to thrive around the world, Captivate continues to support creators with the well-considered tools they need to excel in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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Captivate.FM Releases V2 of “AMIE”, Global Media & Entertainment’s IAB Tech Lab certified podcast hosting, analytics and monetization platform, has just released a major update to its dynamic content & ad Audio Monetization & Integration Engine, “AMIE”.

The toolkit allows podcast creators to powerfully yet simply manage advanced dynamic content & ad insertion across their podcasts while also letting audio “baked-in” audio content in bulk. Version 2.0 of the AMIE toolkit brings a range of major features to the system including dynamic content slot management, multiple content & ad insertion per slot, simple drag & drop interface upgrades, insertion of dynamic content using timestamps and a major addition of “tagging,” which allows podcasters to manage dynamic content quickly and at scale.

Regarding the AMIE 2.0 upgrade, Captivate Managing Director Mark Asquith said, “Serious independent audio creators continually find themselves denied access to the level of tools that they often need because their download numbers or audience reach don’t ‘allow’ them to benefit from the tools that the ‘big’ shows can leverage.”

As the podcasting industry continues to grow up, it’s important that every creator has the very best options available to them so that they can grow a meaningful, engaged audience that can be nurtured and developed. Captivate’s continued mission is to allow every creator to benefit from opportunities that help them to create diversity in their growth & monetization options. AMIE v2.0 is the latest stage of that focus but also acts as a precursor to many more creator monetization options as we move forward.”

Director of Technology, Kieran McKeefery added, “This is an exciting evolution of dynamic content & ad management for the podcasters that we work with but also adds the initial stages of integration with Global’s DAX platform to provide deeper podcast monetization opportunities and innovations within the podcast advertising space.”

AIME v2.0 integrates directly with Captivate’s Dynamic Show Notes Builder to save busy independent podcasters even more time on their production workflow.

Global Acquires Captivate

Global, the media & entertainment group, announced it acquired podcast hosting, analytics and monetization platform, Captivate.

Captivate is a podcast hosting company based in Sheffield which hosts over 14,000 podcasts and has developed a range of innovative features to help podcasters with distribution, first-party attribution and podcast promotion, helping independent podcast creators to harness, grow and monetize their audio influence.

The Captivate platform, founded by Mark Asquith and Kieran McKeefery, who will be staying with the business, will be integrated into Global’s audio entertainment offering, Global Player, and podcast creators will be able to scale up monetizations opportunities with Global’s proprietary digital ad platform DAX (Digital Ad Exchange), the market leader in digital audio advertising and a pioneering platform in programmatic outdoor advertising.

Captivate co-founder, Mark Asquith, said: “Our vision for Captivate has always been clear: to proactively help independent podcast creators build up their audio brand and to deliver a diverse range of monetization options for them. Joining Global allows us to fulfill that vision by bringing DAX and Global Player to Captivate podcasters, while also providing more opportunities for the platform to positively contribute to the future of the industry.”

Stephen Miron, Group CEO at Global, said: “We’re delighted to be acquiring Captivate, a best in class self-serve platform for podcast creators, with access to market leading analytics and monetization. This acquisition will enable us to support all talent in the podcast community from the very largest to emerging new talent. We believe that this platform, combined with the massive scale and reach of Global Player and DAX will give all our podcast partners an unrivaled advantage.”

Global Player has experienced massive growth thanks to the rising popularity of smart speakers and increased digital listening. As well as streaming live radio, Global Player users can skip songs and go to playlists, watch video from guest interviews, listen to a wide range of podcasts including Global Originals like My Therapist Ghosted Me and Hunting Ghislane, and watch live streams of Global’s events, such as Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball with Barclaycard.

The acquisition of Captivate follows Global’s recent acquisition of innovative US- based next-generation digital audio content and technology start-up, Remixd. Now integrated into Global Player and DAX, Remixd technology means digital publishers can convert online written articles into audio content with targeted adverts inserted, as Global continues its focus on scaling digital audio.

Captivate Releases Host-Integrated Guest Booking, an independent IAB Tech Lab certified podcast hosting, analytics, and monetization platform, has released a fully integrated guest booking and interview management system for independent podcasters.

The system allows independent audio creators to book and manage their guest interviews from one central location that is connected to their podcast hosting. In addition to allowing guests to proactively book shows, hosts can automatically capture all of the relevant guest data for use across their podcast’s workflow, including in the measurement of download uplift based on specific guests and in the automation of episode show notes.

Regarding the update, Captivate CEO Mark Asquith said, “Since I started podcasting in 2011, I’ve been using calendar-booking links for my guests that were provided by third-parties. That works, but it’s not as effective as it should be for the serious modern podcaster; there is no simple link to the other pieces of my workflow which means that I can’t, for example, pass my guest’s bio and social links automatically to my episode show notes, nor could I easily overlay the results of any given guest’s audience onto my own download numbers.”

Captivate has made that easy for the busy creator and in addition to saving podcasters huge amounts of time, it also reduces the cost of podcasting by removing one extra paid service from the podcasting stack.”

Alongside the release of these new features, Asquith also confirmed that the booking platform integrates from day one with the world-class remote recording platform, SquadCast, by automatically creating SquadCast recording sessions when a guest books an interview slot.

SquadCast CEO, Zachariah Moreno said “We’re really keen at SquadCast on making sure that podcasters have the most effective & efficient technology available to them so when Mark, Kieran and the Captivate team spoke to us about being the launch partner for the guest booking and interview management platform, it was something that we got excited about and said ‘yes’ to really quickly.”

The Captivate team is due to integrate this new guest booking and interview management service with the Podcasting 2.0 initiative and Podchaser in its next minor follow-up release.

Launched to celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30th, this upgrade follows Captivate’s recent release cross-promotional feed drops and network features, with the new guest booking & interview management features being available to all podcast creators for free, unlimited use on any Captivate plan.

Captivate Introduces AMIE introduced audio processing, dynamic content and ad insertion to its suite of podcast hosting, analytics & distribution tools with the release of its Audio Mastering & Integration Engine, aka “AMIE”.

Captivate’s Audio Mastering & Integration Engine (AMIE) is built for both smaller independent podcasters whilst providing larger, advertising-centric podcasters & brands the enterprise-level tools that they need to run successful ad campaigns.

Featuring dynamic content insertion at its core, AMIE allows for much more than dynamic ads and has been designed with Captivate’s mission – to help podcasters to grow their listenership, audio influence and brand – in mind.

“Dynamic ad insertion sounds so complex,” says Mark Asquith, CEO of Captivate, “but there’s really no need for it to be reserved for podcast power-users, advertisers and brands.”

“When conceptualizing AMIE, we realized the whilst smaller, independent podcasters make up the vast majority of the podcasting space, they’re often the ones feeling left out of the ‘advanced’ technology that is available to larger shows, networks and brands.

“That’s why we designed AMIE to not only provide the ad insertion technology that can be expected from a world-class podcast hosting platform but to allow smaller shows to benefit from growth opportunities via trailer-swap capabilities, repeatable snippet insertion, automatic episode cross-promotion, split testing options and more. AMIE truly is dynamic content insertion technology for every podcaster.”

As well as providing dynamic content opportunities, AMIE also features a proprietary audio processing and mastering engine, allowing podcasters the chance to optimize their audio easily and quickly.

AMIE is in private beta and will be released publicly over the next few months.

Captivate is IAB Certified

Captivate has announced that the platform has achieved IAB Tech Lab Certified status as a podcast analytics provider.

Our CTO, Kieran, and the Captivate engineering team have been working closely with the IAB to audit, fully document and certify the Captivate podcast analytics measurement and reporting modules to the IAB Tech v2 standards and achieve formal certification from the IAB Tech Lab.

Advanced IAB Tech Lab certified podcast analytics are now available worldwide, to all Captivate podcasters at no extra cost as Captivate becomes the first UK-based podcast host to complete the certification.

Captivate says that its podcast analytics platform was already built to adhere to IAB standards. As such, they are delighted to be able to achieve the IAB certification without any disruption to podcasters and without seeing any significant changes to podcasters’ reported download numbers.

Captivate’s decision to work with the IAB Tech Lab became an easy one to make as podcasters continually look to hone in on the accuracy of their analytics and understand their listenership more and more as the industry progresses.

This means Captivate is now among the other IAB Certified podcast companies including Blubrry, Art19, Voxnest Audience Network, Triton Digital, Libsyn, and more!

Captivate Introduces Unique Listener Analytics

Captivate announced that they have introduced Unique Listener Tracking to Captivate analytics as a free upgrade to all Captivate podcasters. Captivate says that, as podcasters, we’re a little addicted to measuring downloads when really, we’d love to be able to measure people who listen to our show. The new feature can do that.

The data as aggregated as:

A unique listener is defined as a listener from the same IP address and the same device within the presented timeframe. This is a way of estimating the number of people downloading your show. This is based on the IAB v2 guidelines.

Captivate podcasters will see a new section called Audience Overview. Within that section you’ll now be able to see the following unique listener data points:

  • Unique listeners today
  • Unique listeners yesterday
  • Unique listeners over the last 7 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 28 days
  • Unique listeners over the last 90 days
  • All-time unique listeners

This is part one of an analytics upgrade aiming to make it easier for Captivate podcasters to estimate their true audience size. Captivate also added “Last updated” information to the top right of your analytics screen and your main Captivate dashboard so that you can see the last time they updated your data for you.