Cards Against Humanity Sponsors Podcast Network

Chicago Podcast Cooperative logoCards Against Humanity is known for their creation of, as their website describes it, “a party game for horrible people”. It’s the game where players fill in the blanks on one card, with a word or phrase on another card, in order to make the most offensive sentence they can. The company recently launched its own podcast network.

Cards Against Humanity has a large headquarters that is located in Chicago. It includes a podcasting studio that has been operating below capacity. So, they opened up their doors to let others use the podcasting studio. This situation led to the Chicago Podcast Cooperative.

The Chicago Podcast Cooperative (CPC) connects local Chicago companies to podcasts that are produced in Chicago. Right now, they are only interested in Chicago based podcasts and sponsors. The CPC website says: “If you don’t live in Chicago and you’d like to participate, Craigslist is a great resource to find an apartment here.”

Sponsors pay into the cooperative each month to form a fund. Podcasts sign up to read a 140-character pre-roll ad. The CPC pays podcasts a flat $50 per episode.