Chicago Podcast Festival 2016 Will Happen in November

Chicago Podcast Festival 2016Chicago Podcast Festival 2016 is the first ever Chicago Podcast Festival. It will take place on November 17-19, 2016 in Chicago. Jonathan Pitts, executive director of Chicago Improv Productions and the co-founder/producer of the highly successful Chicago Improv Festival has teamed up with WBEZ’s & The Moth’s Tyler Green, to produce the first annual Chicago Podcast Festival.

The Chicago Podcast Festival will feature the following podcasts:

  • Song Exploder (Radiotopia Podcast Network)
  • RISK! (Independent)
  • Bullseye (Maximum Fun)
  • Filmspotting (Independent)
  • Filmspotting: SVU (Independent)
  • Hello from The Magic Tavern (Earwolf Network)
  • Kevin McDonald’s The Kevin McDonald Show (Forever Dog Podcast Network)
  • My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio Network)
  • Improv Nerd (Feral Audio Network)
  • Shannon Cason’s Homemade Stories (WBEZ Podcast Network)
  • It’s All True with Tim Barnes (independent)
  • The Book of Ye (Forever Dog Podcast Network)
  • Open Ended (PostLoudness Network)
  • Roboism (PostLoudness Network)
  • Black Girl in Om (Post Loudness Network)
  • Booth One (Independent)
  • Cinema Jaw (Independent)
  • My Favorite Murder (Feral Audio Network)
  • Nerds On Tour (Independent)
  • Shannon Cason’s Homemade Stories (WBEZ Podcast Network)
  • The Room Where It’s Happening (Earwolf Network)

More may be added as we get closer to November, so be sure to check the Chicago Podcast Festival website to stay up to date. Tickets will be available soon (but are not available yet). Podcast recordings will be taking place across several venues in Chicago, and all tickes can be purchased online and at the performance venues.