From Length to Limbaugh? – PCN 042

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen discuss the idea that there is a perfect length for a podcast episode. We mention the potential future of podcasting for Conservatives. We also talk about why a brand could benefit from having its own podcast – and end with an example of how NOT to do that.

Links mentioned in this episode:

* Podcasting gives brands a voice. So why don’t more companies podcast?
By Chris Lee for City A.M.

* Podcast Suicide: 5 Errors to Avoid
By Charlotte Micklewright for the Spreaker Blog

* Sorry Virginia there is no such thing as the perfect length for a podcast
By Rob Walsh for Podcast411

* Will Podcasting Bring Us the Next Rush Limbaugh?
By Stephen Kent for The American Conservative

* Ivanka Trump had aspirations for a women-in-business podcast, but alas
By Tonya Riley for Death and Taxes