CoHost Debuts Advanced Audience Demographics For In-Depth Podcast Listening Analysis

CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights platform, has announced the launch of Advanced Audience Demographics. This transformative feature is poised to redefine how brands and podcast agencies measure their podcast audience, ensuring alignment with target markets.

Advanced Audience Demographics provide a deep understanding of who your listeners are, offering data on audience age, gender, household income, interests & hobbies, family members, and social media consumption & habits.

The feature was developed with a vision to help brands and agencies:

Verify if podcasts are reaching their desired target audience

Tailor their content to audience preferences for improved engagement 

Enhance sponsorship sales with comprehensive listener profiles

“Understanding your audience is crucial in delivering content that engages, excites, and informs. With Advanced Audience Demographics, we’re giving brands the ability to do just that, but at a whole new level,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO and Founder of CoHost and Quill Podcast Agency. “Our new feature delves deep into listener details like age, gender, household income, interests, hobbies and online habits. Our aim is to arm brands and agencies with the right tools to reach the right people.”

Advanced Audience Demographics is split into two primary dashboards:

Audience Overview: The Audience Overview section provides a custom listener persona that includes your audience’s gender and age chart, household income, family, and pets.

Interests & Habits: The Interests & Habits section provides details about listeners’ most used social media channels, how they use these channels, their general and sub-interests, and their lifestyles.

“We’re really excited about CoHost’s new Advanced Audience Demographics! Our clients are hungry for his kind of insight into their audience’s demographic makeup and interests,” comments Liz Hames, the Director of Audience Growth at JAR Audio and CoHost user, “More detailed data will help us ensure that the podcast is reaching our client’s target audience and we’ll be able to use it to tailor our content and marketing efforts more effectively. We’re always looking to engage listeners on a deeper level, and this is one more tool to help us do that.”

With the introduction of Advanced Audience Demographics, CoHost continues to push the boundaries of innovation in podcast analytics. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering solutions that drive deeper understanding, foster greater engagement, and fuel-data driven content decisions for agencies and brands alike.

About CoHost

CoHost is a leading provider of podcast analytics and audience insights. Brands and agencies like Content Allies, JAR Audio, Expedia Group, and PwC use CoHost to measure, grow, and manage their podcasts.

CoHost was created by Quill, the award-winning podcast agency responsible for creating and growing podcasts for notable Fortune 500 brands. CoHost has been featured in major publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

Quill And Cohost Announce Key Leadership Promotions

Quill, the leading branded podcast agency, and its sister company CoHost, a cutting-edge podcast hosting, analytics and audience insights platform built for brands and agencies, announced  the promotions of three key members of their leadership team.

Alison Osborne has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing, after leading the marketing team since she was brought on in 2020. Stephanie Andrews has been appointed Vice President of Product and Product Operations, working on CoHost since its inception in 2022. And Brittany Nguyen now serves as the Director of Design, overseeing both the agency’s production and product design departments.

Alison Osborne, previously the Director of Growth Marketing, has been instrumental in shaping the marketing strategy for both brands. Her commitment to data-driven marketing approaches has driven significant growth and recognition within the industry. In her new role as VP of Marketing, Alison will be working to strengthen growth and recognition within the industry. In her new role as VP of Marketing, Alison will be working to strengthen positioning in the existing markets and lead both brands and new markets. More about Alison’s contributions can be found here.

Stephanie Andrews, in her new role as VP of Product and Product Operations, will continue to strengthen the product strategies for both brands while prioritizing a strong customer success model. With her passion for crafting user-centered digital experiences, Stephanie’s new position will capitalize on her unique ability to bridge product development and customer satisfaction. More about Stephanie can be found here.

As Director of Design, Brittany Nguyen will continue to lead sound engineering at Quill, ensuring top-notch sound quality for clients and product design, and product design at CoHost, building valuable customer experiences for all users. Brittany’s novel perspective on balancing technical requirements with creativity and user needs has played a pivotal role in defining product offerings and client content. More about Brittany can be found here.

“These promotions reflect the extraordinary contributions Alison, Stephanie, and Brittany have made to both Quill and CoHost,” says Fatima Zaidi, CEO & Founder of Quill and CoHost. “Their deep industry knowledge and commitment to innovation have been essential in our success. We are excited to see them step into these leadership roles and drive further growth and product development.”

For more information, please visit and 

About Quill and CoHost

Quill is an award-winning branded podcast agency that helps leading organizations tell stories that make an impact. Their work spans across brands including Expedia Group, McKinsey & Company, PwC, TD, Emergent Biosolutions, and many more.

CoHost is a leading provider of podcast analytics and audience insights. Brands and agencies like Content Allies, JAR Audio, Expedia Group, and PwC use CoHost to measure, grow, and manage their podcasts.

CoHost Unveils B2B Analytics To Empower Brands With Podcast Insights

CoHost, a leading provider of podcast analytics and audience insights, has announced the launch of its innovative B2B Analytics, a powerful new feature designed to help B2B brands and agencies uncover which companies are listening to their podcast.

With the growing popularity of podcasting, many B2B brands are struggling to measure their return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions about future content.

“In the world of B2B marketing, data is everything,” said Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO of CoHost and Quill Podcast Agency.

“We’re empowering B2B brands with the insights to see whether their podcast is reaching their target market, the ability to connect their podcast to marketing-qualified leads, and the data to justify the ROI of their show.”

CoHost’s B2B Analytics solves this problem by providing a wealth of information and data about the companies that are listening to your podcast along with an exportable list of company details for lead generation efforts.

“We tend to overlook the branded and B2B space when we size the entire podcast industry” added Bryan Barletta, Partner at Sounds Profitable and CoHost consultant, “I truly believe that this space accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars that don’t get accounted for in the IAB estimates. The tools we have today tailored to the B2B space are minimal, which is why prioritizing analytics like insights into the business associated with our listeners is a major win for branded podcasts everywhere. I’m excited to see the continued growth and focus from Co-Host on providing tools specifically built for such a massive and yet underreported part of our industry.”

Working with Clearbit as their data enrichment partner, CoHost’s B2B Analytics offers a range of powerful features, including:

Breakdown of Companies Listening: Get a detailed look at the companies who are tuning into your podcast, including their industries, average company size, and average revenue breakdown.

Episode Summary Page: Compare the top companies, industries, and company locations of each episode’s unique audience.

Individual Episode Breakdowns: Get a detailed look at which companies and industries are listening to each episode, including company size, revenue, and location.

Lead Generation: Export the list of companies who are turning into your podcast to identify valuable prospects and boost lead generation efforts.

CoHost consultant Dan Misener, Co-Founder of Bumper comments “Who’s listening? Is one of the most important questions B2B brands need to answer when they measure podcast success. High-quality listener data is critical, so I’m excited about the insights CoHost is able to share.”

“CoHost’s B2B Analytics is a game changer for B2B brands and agencies,” said Jake Jorgovan, Founder and CEO of Content Allies and CoHost user. “It takes the guesswork out of ROI and provides tangible podcast results, making it easier to justify production budgets to clients, determine whether you’re hitting the right target audience, and build your sales pipeline.”

To discover CoHost’s B2B Analytics and get visibility and insights on the brands and companies listening to your shows, book a demo with the CoHost team.

CoHost Launches Podcast Analytics And Growth Platform

CoHost announced the launch of its podcasting analytics and growth platform, which combines a suite of powerful tools and features that make it easier for creators to launch, distribute, grow, and measure their podcasts.

The launch coincides with the release of CoHost’s first annual Podcaster Insights Survey, which found that audience growth is overwhelmingly the main challenge podcasters face (91% listed it as a top challenge).

“Over the past 3 years our team has launched and scaled hundreds of professional podcasts, and we realized that a lot of fantastic podcasters simply lack the experience and tools to grow and scale their podcasts. They’re fed up with wasting time logging into multiple tools and platforms to access siloed and confusing data,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO & founder of CoHost and Quill Podcasting Agency. “That’s why we built CoHost, the place that smart podcasters go to find reliable analytics and insights about their shows and audiences.”

The 2022 Podcaster Insights Survey polled professional podcasters and found that most podcasters struggle to grow their audiences, even though they depend on audience growth in order to monetize. The survey found:

  • 91% said audience growth is one of the hardest things about podcasting
  • 82% said getting discovered by new listeners is one of the most challenging aspects of podcasting
  • 55% of audio creators struggle with understanding how new listeners are finding their podcast
  • 76% of podcasters currently monetize or have plans to monetize their podcasts, and nearly half of those are relying on sponsorships to do so (48%)

The CoHost survey also identified a serious gap: 73% listed analytics and listener insights as the feature they valued most in a hosting platform, and 82% agreed that understanding their show’s performance is confusing and time-consuming.

To help alleviate those challenges, CoHost provides creators with powerful tools to help them scale their podcasts, including:

  • One-click publishing to distribute your show to all major listening apps
  • Robust analytics to better understand your podcast’s performance and audience
  • Custom campaign links to track, analyze and optimize marketing tactics
  • Automatic transcriptions for accessibility and improved search visibility
  • Personalized podcast websites to help drive traffic, engagement, and downloads

“Since starting with CoHost, our podcast performance has grown exponentially,” said Sarah Johnson, the host of the Girl on Girl Podcast, and a CoHost customer. “We’ve been able to track that growth in a clear, simple, way through CoHost’s analytics – especially when compared to the hosting platform we were using previously.”

In celebration of its launch, Co-Host is offering podcasters a promotional discount of 67% off for the first six months of using the platform with a risk-free, 30-day trial.