Contains Moderate Peril Seeks Female Co-Host

Contains Moderate Peril logo Podcaster NewsMy focus here at Podcaster News is on women in podcasting. I strive to highlight the many women who are podcasters in an effort to make people realize we are out there. Part of the reason why I feel this is so important is because women in podcasting are largely overlooked as the male podcasters receive the majority of the attention in blogs and articles.

This is why I was especially happy to read that the Contains Moderate Peril podcast is seeking a female co-host. The podcast has been on hiatus and is intending to come back. Rather than rephrase things, I will post a small portion of the blog post at the Contains Moderate Peril website that talks about this:

However there is one thing that has concerned me of late. To my mind there isn’t sufficient female representation within the podcast community that I inhabit. I would like to do something to remedy that. Therefore I am actively seeking a female co-host for the show, but beyond fair representation there is an agenda. Ideally someone who has previous experience of podcasting and has an active interest in multiple aspects of pop culture would be beneficial. However, these rules are not set in tablets of stone. The most practical advice I could offer to those who maybe interested would be to listen to some of the previous shows. Consider if you would be comfortable participating in discussions of that nature, idiom and style. As ever, it’s a voluntary, unpaid gig which requires a degree of time commitment each month.

Kudos to Roger Edwards for not only recognizing that there isn’t sufficient female representation in podcasting (or, at least in the podcast community he inhabits) and also for doing something about it! Those of you reading this who are women that have experience in podcasting may want to check out this opportunity.