Southern California Public Radio Secures Grant from Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has awarded Southern California Public Radio (SCRP) a two-year grant of $500,000 to advance the growth of LAist Studios, SCPR’s podcast development and production division, and its mission of addressing the content needs of young and underserved audiences.

With Latino audiences making up nearly half of the Southern California region, the funding will support staffing and help LAist Studios empower up-and-coming content creators by giving them the tools to develop shows and engage diverse young audiences.

“Since day one, our mission has been to create innovation on-demand audio that is representative of our amazing city. We are grateful for CPB’s support and excited to build on our momentum” said Kristen Muller, Chief Content Officer of SCPR.

“Southern California Public Radio has a proven track record of producing engaging, on-demand programming,” said Kathy Merritt, CPB Senior Vice President, Radio, Journalism and CSG Services. “CPB is pleased to support their efforts to build on that record to reflect the rich cultural landscape of Los Angeles and engage with audiences seeking connection, information, and entertainment.

LAist Studios is committed to telling stories that go beyond the surface to reflect the rich cultural landscapes of Los Angeles and embrace the diverse voices of the region’s community. Launched in 2019, shows created by LAist studios include: The Big One; Servant of Pod; Hollywood, the Sequel; California City; California Love; and the recently released Norco ’80.

Apple recently included California Love on their Favorite Podcasts of 2020 list, and Spotify named it one of the Top Podcasts of 2020, including the episode “Ellie” on the Spotify 2020 Podcast Hall of Fame playlist. In the 2020 Podcast of the Year awards, Adweek honored the California Love episode “P-Line” as Episode of the Year; named host Walter Thompson-Hernández Podcast Innovator of the Year; and named producer Megan Tan Producer of the Year. Further, Bello Collective included California City and California Love on its annual “Bello 100” list of their favorite podcasts of the year.