Two New Documentaries Tell the Story of Podcasting

Messengers logoSince the relaunch of Podcaster News in 2014, we’ve noted again and again how large media outlets misunderstand the nature and history of podcasting. No, the medium didn’t start with Serial. No, iTunes didn’t invent podcasting. Yes, there is actually a lot of important podcasting happening outside of the New York media bubblesphere. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to get the whole story about what podcasting is, in front of as many people as possible. And that’s what two new podcasting documentaries are hoping to do.

The first documentary is called The Messengers. Here’s the trailer:

The Messengers features interviews with a wide range of podcasters. The documentary is currently in production and will be narrated by Dave Jackson of School of Podcasting (Dave is also a past contributor to Podcaster News).

The other documentary about podcasting is called Ear Buds. Here’s the trailer:

The producers of Ear Buds have traveled all over the world to document not just podcasters, but also the fans who love listening to the shows produced by those podcasters. The documentary will be screened on Thursday, July 7th during the Podcast Movement conference in Chicago.

“What’s a Podcast?” Documentary Seeks Backers

Indiegogo logoPodcasting as we know it is well over then years old at this point. But there hasn’t been very much in the way of documentaries about the medium. That may change if one podcaster sees his vision for the What’s a Podcast? documentary become a reality.

Scott Holden, creator of the ThatMan on FatMan podcast, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $15,000 he needs to produce the documentary. Holden explains his inspiration for making the film:

In 2009 things went crazy for me and my family. We were living in Virginia when I was downsized, leaving us with a mortgage and a feeling of What now? Times were tough. No one was hiring. This downward spiral lasted for a few years, forcing us to return home to New Jersey to live with relatives.

I was in a deep, dark depression. At my lowest, I picked up a book from the

famous movie director and podcast pioneer, Kevin Smith. The book gave me permission to do something crazy, if not desperate.

Do it

Start a podcast

Go talk on the internet with your friends.

And so I did, starting my own highly successful podcast: ThatMan on Fatman.

But this film is not just about my journey. Its the journey of the many podcasters, and listeners, friends and family, and how this medium is changing, helping, and even saving peoples lives, let alone building communities. The world is now at everyone’s fingertips and podcasters are the pioneers of a new digital age and medium.

In order to properly complete his documentary, Holden states he’ll need money for research, archive photography, stock footage and film clips. He’ll also need to get proper audio/video and lighting equipment, along with things like film scoring and music as well as insurance and other necessities.

What’s a Podcast? is currently at eight percent of its funding goal with 15 days left before the campaign expires. To learn more about the documentary and make a donation, head over to the project’s Indiegogo page.