Echo App Brings Together a Community of Podcast Listeners

Echo is an app where you can see what podcasts your friends listen to. It offers people a simple way to discover new and interesting podcasts. Don’t podcast alone! Use the Echo app to be part of a podcast listening community.

Echo is not meant as a replacement for your podcast player, we built it so that no matter what podcast player you or your friends use, you can always use Echo to showcase the best podcasts and episodes.

You can download Echo, for free, from iTunes or Google Play.  It was created by a company called ToyBox, which specializes in taking ideas from pen and paper to the App Store. Daniel Mathews is the founder of ToyBox and of Echo.

Daniel Mathews points out that listening to podcasts is a solo endeavor (for most people). “It’s you, your headphones, and the awesome world the podcast host has created.” Echo allows you to add another member to that group – your friends.

The Echo app forms a community of people who enjoy listening to podcasts. You can see which podcasts your friends are listening to and what podcasts they are recommending. The app can be used as a convenient place to chat about those podcasts. When you make a recommendation about a podcast to your community in Echo, it tells your follows that you have listened to something that you enjoyed (and that they should check out.)