Entale is a Visual Podcast App

Entale believes that podcast standards are out of date. They feel that podcasts are difficult to share to your social graph, and they lack any form of contextual data or intelligence to share with you. Entale is here to change that.

We are combining the best of audio storytelling with the richness of the web, to create a platform that builds the next-generation podcast experience.

Our publishing stack allows creators to build rich and enhanced listening experiences, while our web and mobile user apps allow listeners to dive deeper into their favorite audio experiences.

Entale: The Visual Podcast app is available on the App Store. It is free, and is for iOS devices. At the time I am writing this blog post, it does not appear that there is an Android version of the Entale app.

For Podcast Creators:

  • Easy-to-use hosting and distribution tools
  • Multi-platform players and social sharing
  • Unique monetisation opportunities

The Entale website does not have any specific information about the unique monetisiation it provides to podcast creators. It does provide a form for podcasters to fill out if they want to see their content enhanced with Entale.

For Podcast Listeners:

  • Enhanced Audio: See the full story with rich contextual content that accompanies your listening for a deeper, more engaging experience. Put faces to voices, watch the trailer, see the murder weapon – no more pausing to search for what’s being mentioned.
  • Chapters: Episodes are split into chapters, allowing you to share compelling moments from shows you listen to, and to explore and discover new favorites. Share the bit that matters directly with our enhanced embed, which plays directly in your social feed.
  • All your favorite shows: Listen to your favorite podcasts enhanced with Entale, as well as our library of exciting new Entale Exclusive shows.

You can keep up with what’s new at Entale by reading their blog posts on Medium.