Liberated Syndication Announces Partnership with Fireside

Liberated Syndication Inc., (“Libsyn”) announced a partnership with new storytelling platform Fireside. The news was originally unveiled by Fireside co-founders Falon Fatemi and Mark Cuban during their keynote speech at the 2021 Podcast Movement Conference.

The partnership between Libsyn and Fireside will give creators more flexibility and ownership of their content through an open RSS-based distribution to reach and grow audience wherever they may listen with one-touch. This partnership provides a natural synergy for Fireside creators to leverage audio content to drive deeper engagement through Libsyn’s open platform technology, tools and analytics.

Laurie Sims, Libsyn President and COO noted, “Libsyn is dedicated to providing tools for all creators to maximize audience distribution while maintaining ownership of their content – which is a great fit with Fireside. This one-of-a-kind interactive storytelling platform will leverage Libsyn technologies to deliver a seamless podcast distribution experience for the Fireside creator – with the push of a button.”

Falon Fatemi, CEO and Co-founder described the nature of the partnership as completely simpatico. “Both of our companies believe in the power of individual voices and that the next media empires to emerge will be individual creators with deeply loyal and engaged audiences. Libsyn has been doing this for a lot longer than us and really understands what it takes to support creators and podcasters in this constantly evolving digital universe.”

Fireside is a platform that fosters thought-provoking and entertaining discussions through high quality virtual shows. This curated collection of storytellers, its founders are dedicated to sharing diverse voices that produce quality show content in a safe, friendly, and productive environment. The curated collection of storytellers has full creative control over their content and their audience.

Fireside is available on all iOS devices with plans for Android in the near future.

Fireside Announced the Fireside Pro Plan

Fireside announced the launch of the Fireside Pro Plan. They created a plan for podcasters who are becoming serious about their show, who want precise control over their collaborators’ roles and permissions, sharable download metrics, priority support, and the ability to upload MP3 files up to 200MB in size. The Pro Plan also features a handful of newly designed exclusive templates for your fireside website.

In addition to these features, the Pro Plan also features all new, in-depth and highly granular metrics, providing deeper insight into your audience, including granular details about the platforms and clients used to download and listen to your podcast, and a full breakdown of your audience location across the globe, the as well as the ability to share these metrics with non-Fireside users (like sponsors).

Additional Pro Plan features include all of the features in the Standard Plan, plus:

  • Includes 2 podcasts
  • Unlimited downloads/month
  • Advanced download metrics
  • Up to 10 collaborators
  • Collaborator roles
  • 3 brand-new Pro themes
  • Sharable metrics
  • Priority Support
  • Increased MP3 file size
  • Hide Fireside branding option
  • Integrated Click tracking
  • Customizable favicon
  • Bulk episode editing
  • Episode renumbering
  • Advanced theme customization
  • More!

Fireside Podcast Hosting Service Removes Download Limits

Fireside Beta PlansFireside, the podcast hosting and distribution platform created by 5by5 founder Dan Benjamin, recently announced it would remove download limits from its podcast hosting plans. When Fireside beta invites were sent to early users, recipients were offered two podcast hosting plans. One plan was aimed at single-show podcast producers, while the other was geared for producers planning to do multiple shows. Both plans were priced according to their feature sets. And both came with monthly download limits. The single-show plan had a 5,000 downloads-per-month limit, while the multi-show plan had a 15,000 downloads-per-month limit.

It’s unclear as to why Fireside’s hosting plans came with built-in limits. Presumably, it was to keep shows with larger, established audiences from jumping into the platform before Fireside was ready to handle a large increase in traffic. Regardless, Fireside announced in a recent e-mail update that the service would be dropping download limits:

…if you took a look at Fireside and thought it might not be for you because we didn’t offer high enough downloads in your price range, I have some good news for you …

Fireside Has No Download Limits!!!

Perhaps the biggest improvement we’ve made relates to our distribution platform and the lifting of download limits.

You heard that right, Fireside has no download limits.This means you can upload as many episodes as you’d like, and they can be downloaded without any restriction.

Instead of two different plans, Fireside is now working off of a base plan that allows additional features to be added at additional cost. Optional add-on features include multiple podcasts, network support, membership integration, and more.