Flightpath Gives Publishers Tools To Support Baked In Sales Via Dynamic

Flightpath, a pioneer in podcast ad optimization software, unveiled their latest technological breakthrough aimed at improving the reliability of episode targeted podcast ad sales and inventory management. With this new capability, Flightpath has expanded their industry-leading availability, triage alerts, and projected performance tools to fully support ‘faked-in’ or episode-targeted placements across supported podcast platforms.

“With buyers who prefer baked-in placements, podcast publishers are turning to episode-targeted ads using Dynamic Ad Insertion [DAI],” explains Sean Howard, CEO of Flightpath.  “Promising an episode locked placement is easy, but DAI makes living up to these promises difficult. Buyers expect these placements to be served in every download or listen within a set time period. Flightpath surfaces any problems that will impact delivery in addition to exposing any oversold events in the future.”

These alerts and reports work on all supported DAI platforms and free up sales and operations to offer these placements with confidence, while also maintaining the significant revenue opportunities from traditional DAI placements.

Key Features

Freedom to use baked in sales strategies while also enabling up to 3x gross revenues with DAI technologies

Confidence that episode locks are properly configured and going to deliver 100% of the time, as promised

Identify booked and oversold episode locked inventory across supported DAI platforms

All of this while monitoring all run-of-show and run-of-network campaigns

Trusted availability for episode targeted orders one year into the future

“Podcast publishers and networks need to unlock revenue potential while still addressing buyer demand for locked inventory,” stated Flightpath’s CRO, Laurie Belleau. “At Flightpath, we’re committed to empowering our partners with unparalleled visibility and paving the way for increased revenue by making ad inventory, placements, and campaign performance readily available in the context of multiple sales strategies.”

“As we manage hundreds of campaigns every week, it’s crucial to have a tool that can swiftly pinpoint and resolve any potential delivery issues,” added Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge’s Senior VP and head of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales. “Flightpath empowers us to deliver with the reliability and accountability that our advertisers have come to trust from AdLarge.”

To learn more about Flightpath, please reach out to laurie@flightpath.fm.

Flightpath Premiers First-Of-It’s-Kind Campaign Prediction One Year Into The Future

Flightpath, a trailblazer in the podcast industry, has unleashed a groundbreaking availability engine, setting a new standard by delivering a full year of trusted campaign projections across all shows on the platform. This cutting-edge innovation not only elevates transparency and control within the industry but also empowers advertisers and creators to plan campaigns with unprecedented confidence, facilitating better collaboration and trusted partnerships.

Every existing Flightpath client on the platform has already experienced an upgrade, gaining the ability to visualize a comprehensive one-year forecast of campaign performance across their entire portfolio.

This feature seamlessly integrates with all campaign targeting criteria to include: frequency capping, brand exclusion, pacing, and geo-targeting down to the DMA level. In an industry where back of the napkin historical data has been the primary tool for predicting future placements, Flightpath offers a singular source of truth, giving teams a more accurate assessment of unsold inventory and campaign performance. Buyers turn to their trusted partners first. Flightpath help clients build and maintain that trusted status.

Key Features of Flightpath’s New Platform:

Trusted projection campaign performance one year in advance, helping publishers better manage expectations and deliver on their promises.

The industry’s inaugural availability engine, providing a year of reliable availability, supporting DAI run of show, tags, and “faked-in” (episode-locked) placements.

Full support for all targeting criteria to include: frequency capping, brand exclusion, pacing, and Geo inclusion/exclusion down to the DMA level.

Integration with leading DAI-enabled podcast hosts and Order Management Systems.

Access to a team with expertise in data science, ad operations, and revenue growth that is available to all clients for ongoing consultations as the industry continues to evolve.

Flightpath CEO Sean Howard commented on the announcement, “2023 saw DAI podcast hosts announcing 90 days of availability prediction when we were already offering 9 months. We wanted to go even further and give our clients the ability to see campaign performance a year into the future with availability to match.”

“With so many clients confirming their up front contracts, we knew it was critical they be able to immediately forsee any shortfalls,” shares Flightpath CRO, Lauria Belleau. “It’s truly a game changer to enable our clients to quickly and confidently pull trusted availability for all of 2024.”

“Flightpath has a comprehensive grasp on the needs of podcasting ad ops teams,” added Ilwira Marciszek, Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales of AdLarge. “Their commitment to driving impactful results, optimizing yield, and consistently innovating through streamlined tools sets them apart, adding immense value to the entire process.”

To learn more about Flightpath, reach out to laurie@flighpath.fm.

AdLarge, Flightpath, and Sounder Announce State-Of-The-Art Integration for Seamless Campaign Execution

AdLarge, Flightpath, and Sounder are thrilled to announce a first-to-market, groundbreaking integration that is set to revolutionize the podcast advertising industry. Leveraging the strengths of each platform, this collaboration brings together cutting-edge technology, brand safety, contextual targeting, and customized campaign execution to elevate podcast advertising campaigns to a new level.

Sounder, known for accurately, classifying publisher’s content for brand safety, suitability, and contextual relevance, has further expanded its capabilities by integrating with Flightpath. This integration enables AdLarge to tap into Flightpath’s Sales Availability Dashboard for campaign forecasting and planning, unlocking a new level of innovation and effectiveness for ad placement for all clients.

Key Integrations Include:

Precision and Trust at Scale: Target contextual and/or brand-suitable inventory across AdLarge’s full catalog that enables advertisers to target their message across relevant and suitable content bringing immeasurable value and security to the ad buying experience for the marketplace.

Seamless Campaign Execution: The integration simplifies the advertising process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Publishers can now forecast advertising tags and navigate the complexities of advertising campaign execution with confidence and ease.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability: AdLarge, long known for its commitment to transparency and accountability, and the first to partner with Flightpath, continues to deliver on its promise to advertisers.

“We are committed to providing the most effective and brand-suitable advertising to our clients,” said Ilwira Marciszek, SVP of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales for AdLarge. “Our partnership with Flightpath and Sounder is yet another way we are bringing to market tools that create innovative and unmatched solutions, transparency and continue to build trust within the entire process of podcast ad sales.”

“AdLarge is a proven leader in the industry. By bringing together two complementary partners like Sounder and Flightpath, we can work together to create significant value for the agencies and brands that Ad:arge serves,” remarked Flightpath CEO and Founder, Sean Howard.

Sounder Partners With Flightpath To Solve Forecasting Pain Points For Podcast Publishers

Sounder, the leader in AI-powered brand safety and contextual intelligence for audio, and Flightpath, the leading provider of podcast ad inventory management solutions, announced a partnership that will drastically improve impression availability forecasting for podcast publishers using Sounder’s contextual targeting and brand suitability solutions.

The partnership will give publishers access to Flightpath’s Trusted Nine Month View of Available Inventory, which provides a real-time view of podcast ad inventory across all supported podcasting platforms. This will allow publishers to see and maximize the available reach on Sounder-targeted inventory in a manner of seconds, helping them find relevant and highly sellable inventory for their buyers.

“Sounder and Flightpath are both committed to building world-class technology to help podcast publishers grow their businesses,” said Kal Amin, CEO and co-founder of Sounder. “By combining Sounder’s groundbreaking audio intelligence with Flightpath’s innovative forecasting tools, we provide publishers a more comprehensive solution to help them scale and reach their full potential.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Sounder,” said Sean Howard, CEO of Flightpath. “Sounder’s contextual targeting gives real-time packaging and brand safety options upon which we can now layer in reach and availability, giving publishers the tools to find, package, and sell significant opportunities to their buyers.”

The partnership between Sounder and Flightpath is a significant step forward in the evolution of podcast advertising. By providing publishers with the best available contextual targeting solution paired with the fastest and most accurate forecasting tools, publishers and advertisers will have safer, relevant and more effective campaign targeting tools without sacrificing reach or ease-of-use.

About Sounder

Sounder is the end-to-end data-driven intelligence platform that is shaping the future of the entire audio ecosystem. Our proprietary technology brings together publishers, brands and agencies, ad tech marketplaces, and data partners to revolutionize how audio content is discovered, monetized, and optimized. We’re proud to deliver unparalleled value to our partners and customers and maximize their audio advertising potential through AI-driven insights and solutions.

About Flightpath

Flightpath is the yield prediction and ad optimization platform for the creator-based economy; where podcasting is one of the fastest growing and most under-served of advertising channels. Our yield platform provides fast and trusted sales availability, campaign and order performance monitoring and prediction, and the tools to scale your podcast ad businesses across multiple DAI and sales automation platforms.