Fox News Audio to Debut Three New Podcasts

FOX News Audio will debut three new original podcasts throughout the next month, including Kennedy Saves the World hosted by FOX Business Networks’s (FBN) Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery, FOX News Election Rewind: Bush vs. Gore and FOX News Investigates: House of Broken Dreams: The Jennifer Kesse Story.

Beginning October 23rd, the weekly program Kennedy Saves the World will feature Kennedy as she tackles politics, parenting and pop culture with her signature commentary and unique sense of humor. In the first episode of the podcast, the host who currently helms Kennedy (Monday through Thursday, 8PM/ET) on FBN, moderates a discussion between Trump Campaign Adviser Jason Meister and Jessica Tarlov, a Democratic strategist and FOX News contributor, as they make their case on why listeners should vote for their presidential candidate of choice. Subsequent episodes of the show, which will be available every Friday, will feature a wide range of guests, including 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen.

On Friday, October 30th, FOX News Election Rewind will premiere its inaugural season, entitled Bush vs. Gore, centered on the 2000 presidential election between then-Texas Governor George W. Bush (R) and former Vice President Al Gore (D). This installment of the new election-focused series will combine reporting, analysis and perspectives from the journalists and commentators who covered the tumultuous race 20 years ago. Among those featured throughout the eight-episode season, which will be available every Friday, are: FBN/FNC anchor Neil Cavuto, FNC anchors Bret Baier and Bill Hemmer, senior political analyst Brit Hume, politics editor Chris Stirewalt and contributor Karl Rove, who served as Deputy Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush.

The FOX News Investigates podcast will debut its second season on Thursday, November 12th. Titled House of Broken Dreams: The Jennifer Kesse Story, the podcast follows the FOX News Investigates team as they travel to Orlando, Florida to probe the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse, a 24 year-old woman who went missing in 2006. Over the course of the investigation, which is documented for listeners over 11 episodes, the team follows new leads, conducts exclusive interviews and examines recently unsealed evidence in their pursuit to discover what happened to Kesse. Lead by FNC investigative reporter and producer Cristina Corbin, new episodes of the series will be available each Thursday.