Promote Your Podcast During the Summer of Podcasts

Sunglasses EmojiIt feels like podcasters used to do a lot more to help promote each others shows. There’s no telling for sure why things like podcast promo exchanges have diminished over the years. Maybe there’s more of a sense of competition now between podcast producers. Or maybe the podcasting community has grown and changed so much that very few producers remember what it was like in the earlier days of the medium.

Regardless, veteran podcaster and Geekazine creator Jeffrey Powers recently announced a podcast promotional opportunity/contest called the Summer of Podcasts:

I’m planning a major contest this summer. A great way for you to promote your show and get new listeners!

What it is Several podcasts in a joint contest for their listeners to win lots of cool prizes
How it Works Through the months of June-July, you promote the event. You promote other shows and promote your “Special code” for them to enter
Your Entry Each show has to submit a prize between $20-$50. It can be gift cards, or what you might have in your review pile.
Prizes At the end of the contest, I do a overall drawing on a live segment. In years past, we’ve given away everything from gift cards to computers.
Give Away to Your Listeners I will send you the list of entries your show generated so you can give away a prize of your own (separate from your entry).

Podcasters who’d like to participate in the Summer of Podcasts can sign up thru Jeffrey’s entry form on Google Docs.