Gimlet Media and The Ringer Ratify First Podcast Contracts at Spotify

Writers Guild of America, East announced that the writers and producers at Gimlet Media and The Ringer, two of the first podcast production companies to unionize with the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE), both ratified first collective bargaining agreements. Gimlet Media and The Ringer are owned by Spotify.

The Guild negotiated both three-year agreements concurrently, and the contracts were unanimously ratified by the 48 bargaining unit members at Gimlet Media and 65 bargaining unit members at The Ringer.

Both of the groundbreaking union contracts include:

  • Significant increases to salary minimums, with The Ringer establishing $57,000 plus overtime as an entry-level floor, and Gimlet Media beginning at $73,000 for Associate Producers.
  • Establishment of new senior titles.
  • Limitations on the use of contractors within bargaining unit positions. Contractors must either be offered a full-time job after 10 months, or the companies must inform them 30 days in advance that there will not be a position available for them.
  • Minimum of 2% guaranteed annual increases.
  • Minimum severance of 11 weeks for all employees, regardless of tenure.
  • Spotify benefits, with no change in benefits for the duration of the contract.
  • Editorial standards that guarantee that the company will not modify or fail to publish content based on the direction of advertisers, and that bargaining unit employees will not be required to work on advertising and branded content.
  • Funding for Diversity Committees, with representatives from both management and the bargaining unit.
  • Language guaranteeing that 50% of candidates for open unit positions who make it to the stage after the phone interview will be from traditionally under-represented groups (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, military veterans).
  • Elimination of post-employment non-compete agreements for all employees who make under $155,000, and removal of post-employment non-competes in individual agreements.
  • Formation of a Labor Management Committee.
  • Just cause and union security.

Lowell Peterson, Executive Director of the Writers Guild of America, East, said, “The collective bargaining agreements at Gimlet Media and The Ringer demonstrate that the people who make podcasts, from writers to producers to editors, bring enormous value to the major platforms for whom they create content. Collective bargaining ensures creative professionals have a seat at the table to address issues like inclusion and equity, intellectual property concerns, and sustainability of careers.”

Gimlet Media Sued for Not Making Podcasts Accessible to the Deaf

Gizmodo reported that Gimlet Media is facing a class-action lawsuit for failing to make its podcast accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. The complaint was filed in New York. Plaintiff Kahlimah Jones argues that Gimlet violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by failing to provide closed captioning on various podcasts.

The lawsuit, posted on Scribd, is called: Kahlimah Jones, individually situated and as the representative of a class of similarly situated persons vs Gimlet Media Inc. It was filed in the United States District Court Eastern District of New York.

The plaintiff’s argument states that deaf and hard-of-hearing people listen to podcasts just as aurally capable people do. The lack of closed captioning means that deaf and hard-of-hearing people are excluded from the rapidly expanding Internet media industry and from independently accessing podcasts posted on the website.

Despite readily available accessible technology, such as the technology in use at other heavily trafficked websites, which make use of closed captioning for hard-of-hearing individuals, such as YouTube and Netflix, Defendant has chosen to post podcasts without closed captioning, or with limited closed captioning, that are inaccessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Without closed captioning, deaf and hard-of-hearing people cannot comprehend the audio portion of the podcasts on the Website.

The lawsuit also claims that by failing to make the website accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, Gimlet Media is violating basic equal access requirements both under state and federal law. It notes the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which was designed to eliminate discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Gizmodo reported that courts haven’t come to a consensus about how the ADA applies to the web. They aren’t sure if a website for a private company constitutes a place of public accommodations and therefore needs to remove barriers to entry, in the same way we expect physical stores to accommodate for wheelchairs.

Spotify acquired Gimlet Media in 2019. To me, it seems possible that the outcome of this lawsuit could also affect the podcasts on Spotify, as well as Anchor (which Spotify also acquired in 2019).

Spotify for Podcasters Released Gimlet Academy Podcast

Gimlet Academy is a new five-episode series from podcast pioneer Alex Blumberg, and Spotify for Podcasters, that teaches the craft of audio story-telling.

While many people have tried their hand at creating a podcast, most have found it’s not as simple as it seems, especially when it comes to making a hit. “People misunderstand how much time and work it takes to make something that will hold an audience’s attention,” says Alex Blumberg, co-founder of Spotify-owned Gimlet Media, an influential leader in podcasting.

That’s what led him to create a special podcast for Gimlet employees about the secrets to making a great show. Now, for the first time, those secrets are being made public in the new podcast Gimlet Academy, – hosted by Blumberg and released in partnership with Spotify for Podcasters – that explores how to make compelling audio stories.

Personally, I think its a great idea to offer information like this to brand new podcasters who want to make a story-driven podcast of their own. To my surprise, it does not appear that a Spotify subscription is required in order to access this content. As a test, I clicked on the first episode, on the Spotify website that talks about Gimlet Academy, and it played – even though I do not have a Spofify subscription. There are five episodes to listen to.

Making sure that content that explains how to make podcasts that tell a story easily accessible to those who are brand new to podcasting, or who want to switch to audio storytelling, is fantastic! This is a great way to encourage people to share their stories and learn new podcasting skills.

Gimlet Media Seeks a Producer of Scripted Fiction Department

Gimlet Media is seeking an Associate Producer for their Scripted Fiction Department. The department develops and creates new and original series. It is described as “a highly collaborative group of producers, sound designers, and engineers.” The position is a full-time role, based in Gimlet Media’s Brooklyn, New York, office.

We’re looking for a creative, self-motivated Associate Producer to help develop and produce original fiction shows for Gimlet Media. We’re looking for candidates who come from a TV or film background and are particularly familiar with show production. This person has a commitment to excellence, can give and receive constructive feedback, and is a team player. Above all, this person is genuinely excited about the challenge of making new shows from the ground up, from pre-production through post-production, and developing their career in audio with a team geared toward fast growth.

Requirements Include:

  •  2-3 years of experience in audio production, TV production, or a relevant field
  • The ability and flexibility to work in a fast paced, changing environment
  • Able to identify strong pitches/potential writers
  • Demonstrated passion for storytelling, whether in video, audio, and/or written content
  • A keen organizational sense and a proven ability to execute against deadlines
  • The ability to receive and implement feedback as part of a highly collaborative work environment
  • The ability to community clearly and effectively, both within Gimlet + Spotify and externally
  • A close attention to detail and the ability to juggle multiple tasks
  • Bonus points if you’re familiar with Pro Tools!

Those who would like more information about this position, or who want to apply for it, should visit the Gimlet Media website where the want-ad is located.

Gimlet Seeks a Producer of Every Little Thing

Gimlet Media is looking for an experienced producer to join the team at Every Little Thing. It is a full-time job based in their Brooklyn, New York, office.

Gimlet Media tells stories through audio. Our roster of podcasts includes critically-acclaimed shows like Reply All, StartUp, Crimetown, Homecoming, and The Nod. We have top editorial, sales, and business teams that work together to create experiences that help listeners better understand each other and the world around them. We are looking for ambitious, curious, talented, and kind people to join our team.

Every Little Thing is a podcast that answers your burning questions. Some examples of questions include: ARRRR pirate peg legs really a thing? Who invented the Cha Cha Slide? How old is Winnie the Pooh?

The person selected for the role of Producer will be involved in every stage in making Every Little Thing stories come to life – from selecting listener questions, to booking guests, writing scripts and creating assemblies. The ideal candidate has a journalism background, experience identifying and booking the best guests, and an ear for a good story.

For more details about what the Producer will do, and what Gimlet Media is looking for in an applicant, please visit the website where the job is posted. You can apply for the job from that website.

Gimlet and the Wall Street Journal Seek a Podcast Producer

Gimlet Media and the Wall Street Journal want to create a news podcast. They are seeking a Podcast Producer. The deadline to submit a cover letter and resume is March 8, 2019.

Gimlet and the Wall Street Journal are teaming up to launch a new daily podcast this Spring. The show will take listeners behind the biggest news stories of the day. We will explain how business drives the day’s headlines, and how the Wall Street Journal’s deeply-reported stories shape the landscape. We will make business news relatable, and we’ll reveal how business and finance are behind some of the biggest events happening around us.

The Podcast Producer will:

  • Pitch story ideas that can be accomplished within a tight timeline, and pitch occasional longer-term projects
  • Book, prep for, record and produce interviews with sources inside and outside of the Journal
  • Write script and structure narratives for episodes
  • Record and produce field reporting trips
  • Log, cut, and arrange tape, build assemblies, score moments, and everything else production requires
  • Maintain strong working relationships with the Wall Street Journal’s reporters, editors and managerial staff
  • Balance multiple episodes in production at the same time
  • Work both independently and collaboratively, depending on the task


  • 4+ years producing audio in a high-caliber, high-output organization
  • ProTools proficiency
  • A passion for the work of the Journal specifically and business news generally
  • Enthusiasm for a high-intensity daily production schedule
  • Daily experience is a huge plus

The Podcast Producer position is a full time rule employed by Gimlet but based in the Wall Street Journal’s Manhattan offices. Visit the Gimlet and Wall Street Journal want ad for more information.

Spotify Acquired Gimlet Media and Anchor

We heard that Spotify was in advanced talks to acquire Gimlet Media. In a surprise move, Spotify announced that it has not only acquired Gimlet Media, but also has acquired Anchor.

The transactions are expected to close in the first quarter of 2019 and subject to customary closing conditions. The terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

With these acquisitions, Spotify is positioned to become both the premier producer of podcasts and the leading platform for podcast creators. Gimlet will bring to Spotify its best-in-class podcast studio with dedicated IP development, production and advertising capabilities. Anchor will bring its platform of tools for podcast creators and its established and rapidly growing creator base.

Gimlet tweeted: “Big news: we are very excited to be joining @Spotify!” It included a Spotify tweet that said “Spotify to acquire Gimlet Media Inc. and Anchor. Read the press release here to learn more about how we’re accelerating growth in podcasting:” The tweet included a link to the Spotify press release.

Anchor posted on Medium an article titled “Anchor is joining Spotify”. It clarifies a few things. Anchor says that it will be bringing Anchor’s suite of tools for podcast creation, distribution, and monetization, to Spotify’s community of more than 200 million global users.

Anchor also said: “If you are already using Anchor to make your podcast, today’s news means great things for your ability to create and build your show. To be clear, the way you create, distribute, and monetize on Anchor does not change. We will continue to operate Anchor’s platform as you know it (but now as part of Spotify!), and in fact will only be getting better.”

Gimlet Media and The Wall Street Journal Seek Executive Producer

The Wall Street Journal and Gimlet Media are seeking an executive producer to develop, launch, and oversee production of a daily podcast. This is a hands-on role based in New York.

There aren’t too many specific details about what the new podcast will be. It does not appear to have a name yet. The job description says:

This new daily podcast will bring the Journal’s strongest reporting to our ambitious audience each day, sharing deep insights, context, analysis and storytelling from the Journal’s well-sourced reporters and editors in a format that is best suited for audio. We will draw from the Journal’s unparalleled business reporting and global news operation, plus Gimlet’s audio expertise to create this new show.

The executive producer will report to the Global Head of Video at The Wall Street Journal. Top candidates for this position will demonstrate excellent journalistic instincts and creative production and team-management skills.

They are looking for an editorial leader with a proactive and entrepreneurial spirit who wants to help shape the creative vision of an ambitious new show. The ideal candidate loves to tell stories, to innovate and problem-solve, and has a proven track record for developing and launching audio content.

Those who would like to know more details should visit the job description. It includes a long list of primary responsibilities of the Executive Producer, a list of key candidate requirements, and information on how to apply.

Gimlet Media Appointed Jenny Wall CMO

Gimlet Media announced that they have appointed Jenny Wall as the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer. In this newly created role, Wall will oversee all marketing and audience growth efforts at the company.

Prior to joining Gimlet, Jenny Wall was SVP, Head of Marketing, at Hulu where she oversaw all marketing, promotion, and creative for the company during a pivotal growth period. Wall will be based at Gimlet’s Brooklyn headquarters.

During her tenure at Hulu, Wall oversaw the launches of the company’s most high-profile Original Programming to date: The Mindy Project, Difficult People, the Golden Globe-nominated Casual, and the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Wall also launched Hulu’s commercial-free offering and the Hulu with Live TV bundle. Additionally, Wall dramatically increased Hulu’s brand awareness, overseeing a successful brand and acquisition marketing campaigns, driving subscriber growth.

“Jenny brings over two decades of entertainment marketing experience, with a proven track record for sparking cultural moments through stories that matter, from House of Cards to The Handmaid’s Tale,” said Matt Lieber, Co-founder and President, Gimlet. “She has worked to elevate the most significant new platforms in entertainment — HBO, Netflix, Hulu — and I can’t wait to see how her innovative, risk-taking approach will advance our growth in this new world of audio. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Jenny onboard as Gimlet enters a pivotal, exciting phase for the company and audio industry at large.”

“I’ve been fortunate to work at some of the biggest innovators in entertainment and media, which is a big reason why I was so drawn to Gimlet — the company that is redefining what the future of audio can be,” said Wall. “I am passionate about entertainment and storytelling, and Gimlet is creating a new kind of media company, at the forefront of where this industry is going. We are creating shows that enrich people’s lives, and I’m excited to bring that experience to many more people.”

Gimlet Media’s New History Podcast is on TuneIn

TuneIn enables people to discover, follow, and listen to what’s most important to them – from sports, to news, to talk. TuneIn provides listeners access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent. Gimlet Media’s new history podcast is on TuneIn.

TuneIn recently launched the TuneIn First Play program. It gives TuneIn listeners early access to episodes from a broad range of podcasts.

We’ve partnered with top content creators like WNYC Studios, Gimlet, HowStuffWorks, Wondery, Feral Audio, and StarTalk to include some of their most popular shows and some brand new ones, too. More than 30 podcasts will take part in First Play and new episodes will drop up to one week early on TuneIn, so our users can hear them for free before they’re available anywhere else.

Gimlet Media has a brand new history podcast called Uncivil. The first episode will premier Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Uncivil is available on TuneIn (and also on Gimlet and iTunes.)

Uncivil is hosted by Chenjerai Kumanyika, who is an author, journalist, and professor of journalism and communications at Rutgers University. The podcast is also hosted by Jack Hitt, a Peabody Award-winning author and radio producer. Uncivil points out “America is divided, and it always has been.”

Uncivil brings you stories that were left out of the official history of the Civil War, ransacks America’s past, and takes on the history you grew up with. The podcast will include untold stories about resistance, covert operations, corruption, mutiny, counterfeiting, antebellum drones, and much more.