WPP Invested in Gimlet Media

WPP is the world’s largest communications services group. WPP stems from “Wire and Plastic Products”, a UK manufacturer of wire baskets which became the foundation company in which Sir Martin Sorrell invested following his search for a public entity through which to build a worldwide marketing services company. WPP has invested in Gimlet Media.

WPP announced that it invested $5 million (USD) for a minority stake in Gimlet Media Inc. Gimlet is an award-wining global podcasting company based in the US. It is based in Brooklyn New York, was founded in 2014, and employs 85 people.

The investment continues WPP’s strategy of focusing on three key areas that differentiate the Group’s offering to clients: technology, data, and content. The Group has invested in digital content companies like Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital, Fullscreen, Indigenous Media, Imagina (a content and media company based in Spain), MRC, Mic, Mitú, Refinery29, Uproxx Media Group and VICE.

About a month previous to WPP’s investment, Gimlet Media raised $15 million in Series B financing led by investment firm Stripes Group. Recode reported that previous to that $15 million, Gimlet had raised $7 million. It looks like Gimlet Media is doing quite well!

Upcoming Gimlet Media Podcast Sponsored by Apple

Gimlet LogoNo single company is still talked about more when it comes to podcasting than Apple. Since its addition of podcasting to the iTunes Store in 2005, most of the podcasting news made by Apple has revolved around podcasting apps and distribution. But that changes this month as Apple will actually be an active sponsor of an upcoming podcast produced by New York-based Gimlet Media.

Gimlet made a name for itself during the so-called “podcast renaissance” of 2014 with the launch of its critically acclaimed Startup podcast that documented the company’s founding. Gimlet followed up the success of Startup with other popular shows like Reply All and Undone. Gimlet Media is now set to debut its latest creation, a fully scripted serialized fiction series called Homecoming. This new show will be voiced by established Hollywood actors Catherine Keener (40 Year-Old Virgin, Into The Wild), Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and David Schwimmer (Friends, Orange Is The New Black).

Gimlet Media has a proven track record of attracting large audiences to its productions. That past performance may be what enticed Apple to step in as the sole sponsor for Homecoming. Specifically, Apple will be promoting its e-book and periodicals platform iBooks thru this new podcast. The move could be a sign of Apple’s confidence in Gimlet’s latest project, as the tech giant hasn’t sponsored many (if any) podcasts before.

Apple’s move from passive podcast distributor to active podcast sponsor seems like a logical one. While many podcast consumers are likely already using an Apple device, they may still be unaware of what iBooks has to offer. It’ll be easy enough for those listeners to tap over to the iBooks app after an episode of Homecoming and pick up a new book or magazine subscription. The potential popularity of a Gimlet-produced podcast will also get Apple’s sponsored message in front of plenty of non-Apple users as well, since podcasts are consumed across many different platforms.

Podcast Movement 2016 Adds Speakers from Startup, Criminal, and The Sporkful

Podcast Movement 2016 logoIt is kind of exciting to watch Podcast Movement 2016 slowly announce more speakers. It feels as though they have new podcasters to announce every week. Some are keynote speakers, others are additional speakers, and some are podcasters who are involved with business topics. Podcast Movement 2016 certainly isn’t slowing down as we get closer to the days the event will take place!

Podcast Movement 2016 will happen in Chicago on July 6-8, 2016. Earlier this month, they announced that Alex Blumberg will be a keynote speaker for this year’s event. Alex Blumberg has had a long career in public radio as a former producer of This American Life and co-founder of Planet Money.

In addition, Alex Blumberg helped co-found Gimlet Media which is a for-profit podcast network. The first show produced by Gimlet was Startup. The first season of Startup focused on what it is really like to get a business off the ground (that business being Gimlet Media). Startup is now in Season 2, which focuses on a business called Dating Ring. It is founded by two women in their 20’s who are outsiders in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley.

This week, Podcast Movement 2016 announced a plethora of interesting speakers that you can see at the event. Two of them are from the Criminal podcast. Criminal is a podcast about crime. Phoebe Judge is the host of Criminal (and also a host at WUNC North Carolina Public Radio.) Lauren Spohrer was a producer, director, and editor for The Story with Dick Gordon. She also runs the online literary magazine Two Serious Ladies.

Dan Pashman is the creator and host of WNYC’s The Sporkful podcast. It is an award nominated food podcast where Dan and his guests obsess over the details of eating to uncover truths about food – and people. The Sporkful isn’t a podcast for foodies, it is a podcast for eaters. Dan Pashman is also the host of the Cooking Channel’s James Beard award nominated web series You’re Eating It Wrong. Dan Pashman will be a speaker at Podcast Movement 2016.

Podcast Movement 2016 will be announcing more speakers each Monday between now and when the event takes place. They will also be giving details about some panels that will take place at the event.

Gimlet Media is Hiring

Gimlet LogoGimlet Media, the company that was launched thru the success of its debut podcast Startup, is hiring. There are two different positions being offered. One is labeled as Development Producer and the other is simply listed as Host.

Some details from the listing for the Development Producer role:

Gimlet Media seeks a development producer to pilot and launch new podcasts. This is a unique opportunity to develop and produce exciting new audio programming.


The ideal candidate will be creative and able to take a concept from idea to fully formed podcast. The development producer will take on multiple roles in the production process. They will bring ideas and enthusiasm to the table. They will work on multiple projects at once and be able to quickly shift gears depending on the needs of the team.

This looks like a good job for someone who’s interested in doing behind-the-scenes production work. Specific duties mentioned include brainstorming and pitching new podcast ides, pre-interviewing guests with some occasional on-air interviewing, writing scripts for show hosts, recording of audio in the studio and in the field, audio mixing/editing with ProTools, and more.

Here are some details for the Host position:

Gimlet Media seeks a host for a new podcast in development. The show will take a fresh look at big news stories from the past we thought we knew. It will be produced in collaboration with an existing media organization.


The ideal host will have strong writing and interviewing skills. They should be an avid news consumer and a reporter at heart- the type of interviewer who draws people out and gets them to tell stories and surface emotions. They should be comfortable reporting personal stories as well as larger national and international ones. They should have a strong narrative sense which allows them to comfortably identify the right structure when working with a large amount of source material. They should be confident and professional, but conversational and approachable. They will work closely with a small, collaborative team.

Some key functions in this role will including having the ability to interviewing “both experts and regular folks,” providing feedback on episode editing, pitching ideas for show topics, and being able to travel as needed for interviews and/or gathering field audio, and more.

For more information on these jobs and what Gimlet Media has to offer, click the link at the top of this article.