Dane Cardiel Launches “Good Tape,” A Print Magazine For Audio Professionals

Good Tape is a new print magazine about podcasting for audio professionals, creators, and their fans. Founded by Dane Cardiel, former founding member Simplecast and current VP of Creator Partnerships at Gumball, Good Tape will feature work by the country’s foremost journalists and artists, answering the industry’s most pressing questions while also asking more.

Podcast creators are looking for relevant media resources and have few places to turn. Good Tape will be this community’s first go-to resource, helping them understand the state of their industry and look forward to what’s next.

“Good Tape was inspired after attending On Air Fest in LA last year,” Cardiel says. “As I spoke with others, the responses made overwhelmingly clear: There’s a real need for dedicated culture writing that intelligently covers our industry – especially one that understands the importance of design and centers our behind-the-mic creative community.”

Good Tape is proud to partner with Top Down Studio, an editorial consultancy founded by Alana Hope Levinson, to develop its editorial scope, voice and audience. Top Down Studio helps writers and brands tell editorial stories across a wide variety of mediums, with in entrepreneurial media.

“I’m thrilled to support the formation and launch of Good Tape,” says Levinson, who has spent the past decade launching media products for companies like Medium, Dollar Shave Club, and Chegg. “While the magazine is primarily for audio professionals, the high level cultural reporting and art direction will broaden its appeal, making it a must-have lifestyle product that breaks out of the B2B category.”

Artistically, Good Tape will follow a long tradition of revolutionary media – from the underground presses of the 60s to the punk zines of the 80s – and carry this legacy forward in celebration of a new era of podcasting. “We’re playing with scale, texture, and composition,” says Design Lead Sami Wittwer. “We want to challenge the readers’ largely digital context and encourage them to regard the magazine as an art object.”

To pre-order the first issue of Good Tape, please visit https://goooodtape.com and follow along for updates on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.