Missouri Legislators Launch Podgressive Podcast

Podgressive is described as: “Weekly dispatches from a blue city in a red state in a divided country”. It was created by Progressive Democratic Legislators in Missouri.

Kansas City Democrats Representative Lauren Arthur and Representative Jon Carpenter launched Podgressive in February of this year. The idea came to them from their conversations over the course of their time in the General Assembly.

They decided that a podcast would be a good way to share an inside perspective on the legislative process. In addition, the hope was that the podcast would attract millennial progressives in Missouri, a state that became decidedly conservative following the 2016 elections. Kansas City is a “blue bastion” in a very red state.

Podgressive is co-hosted by Representative Jon Carpenter and Representative Lauren Arthur. They intend to have guests on future episodes of the podcast, including other politicians and people from other organization and industries.

At the time I am writing this blog, Podgressive has released three episodes. The inaugural episode covers topics such as: Kansas City Airport Tug of War, Missouri Republicans make national news, and General Flynn’s firing and President Trump’s Explanation.

Episode two gives listeners a chance to get to know the hosts a little bit better, and covers some news about cuts to unemployment insurance (among other topics). Episode three features Podgressives first “Two Truths and a Lie” game, includes news about the Missouri (anti-) discrimination legislation, and features special guest Stephen Webber, Chair of the Missouri Democratic party.

If you enjoy Podgressive, you might also want to check out a podcast called Heads Up, Missouri!  It is hosted by five female Democratic Missouri lawmakers: Representative Lauren Arthur, Senator Jill Schupp, Senator Kiki Curls, Representative Deb Lavender and Representative Tracy McCreery. The podcast focuses on Missouri State policy.