Entries Open For The 2023 International Women’s Podcast Awards

Entries opened on Monday 26th June for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards!

The team at Everybody Media are excited to announce that entries for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards opened on Monday 26th June.

Entries are open to women and people of diverse genders in podcasting from all over the world until Friday 22 September 2023. The International Women’s Podcast Awards aims to help level the playing field in this exciting and evolving industry by rewarding and elevating the unsung podcast hosts, editors, producers and writers out there whose work deserves recognition. In previous years the team has been delighted by the number and variety of countries from which entries have been received, and we look forward to seeing the breadth this year. The category shortlists will be announced in October.

The ceremony will be held at The Conduit in London on Monday 6th November 2023, attended by a live audience with a global livestream available for guests throughout the world to join on the night. The Conduit was founded in 2018 with the aim of convening a collaborative community that scales and accelerates solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, accompanied by a vision of a just, prosperous and sustainable world, and ethical hospitality.

Located in the heart of London, their 6-oor building has been designed to nurture creativity and collaboration. Its beautiful event space and stunning bar area promise to provide the International Women’s Podcast Awards with a memorable home again this year.

The vision of the IWPAs and Everybody Media is a podcasting world where it is talent that is recognized, and where the playing field is equal, regardless of who you are, where you are or how much money you have. To this end, equity and inclusion is built into everything we do, and we consider removing barriers to entry and attendance to be vitally important.

In 2022 we partnered with Wondery and Amazon Music to provide the first UK-based industry bursary to support awards attendance for social and professional purposes, and in both 2021 and 2022 the event recognized and promoted the work of the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, which is committed to supporting independent BIPOC, Queer and Trans audio creators in submitting their work to awards. Podcasters based in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada can apply to the fund to be reimbursed their entry fee again this year.

To enter, simply go to the Awards page of the Everybody Media website. https://everybody-media.com/awards/

International Women’s Podcast Awards 2022 Announced Winners

The International Women’s Podcast Awards, a unique event celebrating the very best moments in podcasting created by women and non-binary folk, has announced their winners for 2022. The awards recognize the work of women and non-binary people in podcasting, both behind the mic and behind the scenes, who have created incredible audio moments and intimate listening experiences.

The 2022 International Women’s Podcast Awards was hosted at The Conduit in London by acclaimed comedian, podcaster and writer, Deborah Frances-White, whose own podcast The Guilty Feminist has had more than 95 million downloads worldwide. 180 guests were present in London for the event, with nominees attending fro as far afield as Los Angeles, Israel, Zambia, and Switzerland. A wider global audience watched via a lifestream from The Conduit, giving the awards a truly international reach.

Naomi Mellor, founder of the International Women’s Podcast Awards, said:

“It’s been a real joy to hear the entries we received from across the world for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards. We were amazed that in 2022 we tripled our submissions from last year, receiving entries from women and non-binary folk from a huge range of countries, and I’m thrilled to have announced the winners in our 10 categories this evening. The quality of work entered was astoundingly high, and confirmed all our suspicions about the depth and breadth of talent out there. Congratulations to all the winners – your work was truly brilliant and fully deserving of this recognition.”

Naomi also added her sincere thanks to the event’s sponsors, Acast, Amazon Music, Focusrite, Shure and Wondery, category supporters Captivate and Blubrry, plus all the fantastic brands that had contributed to the event.

The full list of winners:

The Amazon Music and Wondery Moment of Comedy Gold: presented by Craig Stratchan of Amazon Music
Winners: Helen Brown, Emma Goswell, Been Khetani and Terri Sweeney of Effin’ Hormones

The Acast Moment of Behind-The Scenes Brilliance: presented by Melissa Matanda of Acast
Winner: Laura Sheeter, Taking on Putin

The Focusrite Moment of Raw Emotion: presented by Ollie Russell Piercey of Focusrite
Winners: Kierna Mayo and Florence Barrau-Adams, Culturati: Conversations with Kieran Mayo

The Captivate FM Moment of Entrepreneurial Inspiration: presented by Sarah McDowell of Captivate
Winner: Helen Fospero, The Convex Conversation

The Moment of Insight From A Role Model: presented by Laura Blake of UK Audio Network
Winner: Suzy Grant and the team at Listen Productions for 28ish Days Later

The Blubrry Moment of Dramatic Tension: presented by Toby Goodman of Podcast Network Solutions
Winner: Selly Thiam, AfroQueer Podcast

The Moment of Touching Honesty: presented by Imriel Morgan of Content is Queen
Winner: Samantha Bains, The Divorce Social

The Moment of Calm Unflappability: presented by Maven Rana of Times Radio
Winner: Eve Bishop, Deer Humans

The Moment of Visionary Leadership: presented by comedian, actor, and podcaster Samantha Baines
Winners: Lina Prestwood, Ella Saltmarshe and Madeline Finlay, The Long Time Academy

The Shure Award For Changing The World One Moment At A Time: presented by Jack Drury of Shure
Winner: Willow Belden and Sam Baker, Out There

Amazon Music And Wondery Sponsor International Women’s Podcast Awards 2022

The Skylark Collective have announced Amazon Music and Wondery as sponsors of this year’s international Women’s Podcast Awards.

The sponsorship sees Amazon Music and Wondery showcase a shared commitment to the Skylark Collective’s ambition of amplifying the voices of women in podcasting, and providing recognition to those – both behind the mic and behind-the-scenes – who have created incredible audio moments and intimate listening experiences.

Both Amazon Music and Wondery are also launching a new initiative to encourage diversity and inclusion in podcasting.

The Amazon Music and Wondery Awards Fund will help to provide complementary tickets for the in-person event at The Conduit, and the global livestream online for those who find the costs prohibitive, and wouldn’t be able to attend.

This fund will provide the means for people worldwide to attend the awards free of charge, and is a big step forward in the endeavour of both The Skylark Collective and Amazon Music to continually improve accessibility in podcasting.

Completing of a short form is all that is required to apply. The fund launched on 1 August to coincide with the release of tickets for the event.

This year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards will be hosted by podcaster, writer, and comedian Deborah Frances-White of The Guilty Feminist at The Conduit in London on Thursday 29 September. The ceremony will be attended by a live audience in London, with a global livestream available for guests around the world. The category shortlists will be announced in early September.

Naomi Mellor, founder of International Women’s Podcast Awards, said: “Last year’s event had a wonderful energetic, supportive atmosphere full of joy, laughter and support, and we’re delighted that with the support of Amazon Music, we can open the door to even more podcasters joining us either in London or online to attend this year’s awards.

“We are constantly striving at The Skylark Collective to support as many podcasters as we can, and to create a truly level playing field in this exciting and growing industry.

“The global podcasting family is a wonderful place where everyone should feel they belong. This partnership provides us with another excellent way of providing a means of facilitating that, and we can’t wait for this year’s event.”

You can find out more about the fund and the awards at the Skylark Collective website.