Jetpack Plugin Adds a Podcast Player Block

Jetpack’s Podcast Player block allows you to easily show your visitors a listing of recent episodes from a podcast and play them on your website. You can add the Podcast Player by searching and/or selecting it from the jetpack session of the block selector.

Jetpack is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress. It gives you everything you need to design, secure and grow your site in one bundle. Jetpack is free to download. You will need a account to install it.

There are detailed instructions on the Jetpack website that walk you through how to download, insert, and configure the Podcast Player block, as well as how to customize the block.

The Podcast Player Block has the following settings:

  • Number of Items: control how many episodes will be displayed (most recent first).
  • Show Cover Art: toggles the display of the podcasts’s cover art (if available)
  • Show Episode Description: toggles the display of the description for the currently selected episode.

Color Settings include:

  • Primary Color: controls the color used for “primary” elements in the block display (eg: titles, active episodes).
  • Secondary Color: controls the color used for “secondary” elements in the block display (eg: descriptions, non-active episodes).
  • Background Color: – controls the color used as the background color for the block.

The Privacy Information feature in the Podcast Player block. It cannot be deactivated, the Podcast Player block is always available in the Block Selector.