Huffington Post Needs an Audio Editor

Huffington Post LogoIf you’ve got the right qualifications, it’s a good time to be in the podcasting industry. With each passing week, more and more podcasting jobs are hitting the classifieds. And it’s not just startups looking for podcasting-savvy talent. Earlier this month, digital media juggernaut Huffington Post put up a listing on its website for an Associate Audio Editor. The position is available at Huffington Post’s New York office and it is a full-time job:

We are looking for someone with audio editing chops and editorial sensibilities. The Associate Audio Editor will be in charge of taking HuffPost Podcast episodes from tape to polished shows. Reporting to the Senior Producer and working closely with the SP, Audio Engineer and Hosts, the Associate Editor will be in charge of assisting with recordings and field recordings; editing episodes and feature stories; helping to steer episode development and execution; and overseeing research. The Associate Editor will help hone our existing shows, and shape the future of our young program.

The Associate Audio Editor will participate in editorial planning, edit interviews and create rough cuts, second cuts and final cuts, perform production tasks including writing, editing, reporting, booking and arranging, work on other special projects and administrative tasks as needed, and more.

To get further information on this job and apply, head over to the Huffington Post website.

Serial is Hiring

Serial logoThe so-called “podcast resurgence” of 2014 is often linked to the hyper success of two podcasts: Startup and Serial. Last week, we reported that Gimlet Media, the company behind Startup, is looking to expand its staff. This week brings similar news in that Serial is also looking for help in the form of a digital producer.

This isn’t a podcast hosting gig but more of a behind-the-scenes position:

…This person will work with the show’s production team – the host, producers, developer, production manager and coordinator— to write and develop the show’s digital content, including enterprise projects, interactive features, graphics, posts, updates, and the site in general.

We’re looking for candidates who can think through how to translate audio storytelling into a digital space. Most ideal would be someone experienced in working with and managing developers, designers, photographers and video journalists. We’re looking for strong writing, editing and communication skills, as well as an understanding of layout, typography and storytelling in the digital sphere. Candidates should be quick learners with a dynamic, creative approach who are comfortable working in a very collaborative environment.

The job listing also states that the Serial team is looking for candidates who have at least three years in digital media production, preferably in a journalism setting. The ad also emphasizes that the right candidate should be a good project manager who can work in a fast-paced environment and get things done under a deadline.

To learn more about the job and how to apply, click the link at the top of this post.

Gimlet Media is Hiring

Gimlet LogoGimlet Media, the company that was launched thru the success of its debut podcast Startup, is hiring. There are two different positions being offered. One is labeled as Development Producer and the other is simply listed as Host.

Some details from the listing for the Development Producer role:

Gimlet Media seeks a development producer to pilot and launch new podcasts. This is a unique opportunity to develop and produce exciting new audio programming.


The ideal candidate will be creative and able to take a concept from idea to fully formed podcast. The development producer will take on multiple roles in the production process. They will bring ideas and enthusiasm to the table. They will work on multiple projects at once and be able to quickly shift gears depending on the needs of the team.

This looks like a good job for someone who’s interested in doing behind-the-scenes production work. Specific duties mentioned include brainstorming and pitching new podcast ides, pre-interviewing guests with some occasional on-air interviewing, writing scripts for show hosts, recording of audio in the studio and in the field, audio mixing/editing with ProTools, and more.

Here are some details for the Host position:

Gimlet Media seeks a host for a new podcast in development. The show will take a fresh look at big news stories from the past we thought we knew. It will be produced in collaboration with an existing media organization.


The ideal host will have strong writing and interviewing skills. They should be an avid news consumer and a reporter at heart- the type of interviewer who draws people out and gets them to tell stories and surface emotions. They should be comfortable reporting personal stories as well as larger national and international ones. They should have a strong narrative sense which allows them to comfortably identify the right structure when working with a large amount of source material. They should be confident and professional, but conversational and approachable. They will work closely with a small, collaborative team.

Some key functions in this role will including having the ability to interviewing “both experts and regular folks,” providing feedback on episode editing, pitching ideas for show topics, and being able to travel as needed for interviews and/or gathering field audio, and more.

For more information on these jobs and what Gimlet Media has to offer, click the link at the top of this article.