Julip Introduces Innovation in Podcast Marketing with Dynamic Baked-In

With “Dynamic Baked-In”, Julep introduces an innovation in podcast marketing that combines the advantages of Host Read Native Ads and Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and – what’s special – without any AdServer connection.

Until now, it has been common for advertising integrations and podcast stories to form a single entity. However, advertising messages are usually limited in time, for example, when they relate to specific campaign periods or product launches. Podcasts, on the other hand, which focus on the pleasure of entertainment, are timeless and still find their audience months after the launch. So far, this reach has remained largely unused for the advertising industry.

With “Dynamic Baked-In”, Julep is the first podcast host to offer a feature that goes a big step further than combining host read ads and dynamic ad insertion. The new bridge technology gives podcasters and advertisers the opportunity to use the advantages of DAI without using an ad server – and the associated costs – such s binding time slots for advertising playouts.

In concrete terms, this is how it works: Podcasters set markers in their episodes and upload separate audio files, for example Host Read Native ads, to these marker positions. These are then cut into the podcast episode at the desired point. The podcaster retains complete control over the integrated advertising message, for example how long the new extra audio file should be integrated into the podcast.

Christian Rymarenko, COO Julip: “With ‘Dynamic Baked-In” we are the first podhoster in the German-speaking podcast market to offer podcasters an easy-to-use solution for the well-known problem that host read ads are part of the recording of an episode forever. The highlight here: The unploaded audio pieces are automatically removed after the desired period of time and can be replaced by DAI markers.”

Steffen Hopf, CEO Julip: “With this new feature we are creating a bridge between the classic Baked-In on the one hand and DAI on the other – an absolute novelty! The advantage for the advertising industry is obvious: more reach and the brand messages are played out are up-to-date at the same time. In short: With our new feature, we believe in a real game changer.”