Linkfire Expands To Podcasting With Powerful Marketing Toolkit Built For Podcasters

Linkfire, the marketing platform used by top artists and labels, announced an expansion into the multibillion dollar podcast industry with Linkfire for Podcasts, a marketing and analytics toolkit built for podcasters, featuring an exclusive integration with Apple Podcasts, the world’s leading podcast platform, that offers powerful new insights for creators worldwide.

With Linkfire for Podcasts, creators can generate an unlimited number of smart links to landing pages for their podcasts and measure the ways listeners engage with them – all while respecting listeners’ privacy. These pages, which are easy to setup and work across devices, are designed to connect listeners to shows and subscriptions on Apple Podcasts. They can also be customized to include links to other apps, social channels, newsletters, merch stores, live events, and much more.

Using the Linkfire Insights dashboard, creators can measure engagement with these links and pages, including anonymized visits, click-throughs, and clickthrough rates. As listeners use these pages to access Apple Podcasts, creators can view all-new engagement insights, including whether a listener has played an episode or followed a show on Apple Podcasts. 

Creators who offer an Apple Podcasts Subscription, and participate in the Apple Podcasts Affiliate Program, can add their affiliate token to these links to also measure the free trials, subscriptions, subscription revenue, and affiliate commissions generated using these links.

“Linkfire for Podcasts is an absolute game-changer for podcast marketing,” said Jeppe Faurfelt, Linkfire Co-Founder and CCO. “Through our exclusive partnership with Apple Podcasts, the world’s leading podcast platform, Linkfire for Podcasts delivers all-new engagement insights that unlock new marketing capabilities for creators while respecting listener privacy. We’re excited to see the creative ways podcasters promote their shows using this innovative toolkit.”

Linkfire for Podcasts is launching as a limited beta today and will be available to all creators and shows worldwide for free this fall. Additional features, such as the ability to customize link branding and invite collaborators, can be unlocked with a subscription to Linkfire at Podcasts starting at $9.99 per month. Creators can learn more and register to be notified when Linkfire for Podcasts is available at

Linkfire for Podcasts is the latest in a series of recent, noteworthy product updates from Linkfire. Last year, Linkfire launched a next-generation bio link, providing creators even more options for engaging with their audiences across social platforms and, more recently, the first-ever pre-save for YouTube, helping artists connect and engage more deeply with their fans.