Two Wondery Network Podcasts Hit Top 10 on iTunes

Wondery is an innovative startup specializing in mobile and on-demand audio. It creates and curates podcasts to connect wonderers and brands to a world of entertainment and a world of knowledge. Two of the podcasts on Wondery Network have hit Top 10 on iTunes.

Tides of History is hosted by historian and MMA specialist Patrick Wyman. The series explores how the roots of our present world can be found in the span of 1350 to 1650, including modern states, globalization, capitalism, science and more.

Tides of History also analyzes society from the perspective of ordinary people and how they experience the world. This podcast gives listeners the chance to analyze our current political climate and gain insights into how our society functions.

Within just two days of launching, Tides of History joined another Wondery show, Locked Up Abroad, on the top ten charts on iTunes.

Locked Up Abroad is an adaptation of the National Geographic TV series. It is hosted by Jim Clemente (host of the true crime podcast Real Crime Profiles as well as the CBS documentary on Jon Benet Ramsey.) Locked Up Abroad tells the riveting stories of travelers captured while abroad and features interviews with POWs, tourists, journalists, and more.

Having two shows in the top tin is a major win for the startup following its industry milestone and achievement of 100 million downloads this past May. Since launch, the network has over 20 partner shows and eight original series – one of which won the 2017 Webby Award for Best Sound Design/Original Music Score.