Airwave Signs Deal With Economics Explained

Airwave podcast network has signed a deal with Economics Explained, a leading economics digital IP owned and operated by Lunar X. The deal will include distribution, monetization, marketing, and promotion of the global media company’s proprietary and affiliated education podcasts including Economics Explained, The Red Line, and a new spinoff podcast from Economics Explained.

Ben Mathis, Head of Content and Partnership for Airwave, says “Listeners are more aware of and interested in geopolitics than ever before. Economics Explained and The Red Line thoughtfully explain complex ideas and current events in ways that the average person can understand and appreciate. Both shows embrace the ‘constantly curious’ spirit of Airwave. We couldn’t be happier to work with the creative and innovative team at Lunar X.”

Economics Explained – Hosted by economist Michael Burnand, Economics Explained sparks curiosity about economics with documentary style, entertaining videos on trending topics from the POV of an economist. The YouTube channel for Economics Explained receives over 6 million views per month and the Economics Explained podcast receives 200,000 downloads per month.

The Red Line – Michael Hillard, an esteemed geopolitics consultant, hosts a panel of international experts diving into the biggest geopolitical stories shaping the news.

Economics Everywhere – Economics Everywhere will be a new podcast from Economics Explained hosted by Abigail Basset, an award-winning journalist. Economics Everywhere will feature interviews with world-leading experts to unpack the economics of everyday life.

About Airwave

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About Lunar X

Lunar X is a future-forward media company, dedicated to investing in and elevating digital content brands into globally loved franchises. The company is focused on connecting global communities through engaging storytelling on the most prominent digital platforms to provide content and experiences that are educational, innovative, and entertaining. 

Lunar X has big ambitions for the future. It intends to grow its portfolio of world-leading new brands and franchises through organic activity and acquisition, with the management team looking at a raft of exciting opportunities next year. Go to to learn more.