LiveXLive’s PodcastOne Teams with Microsoft Edge

PodcastOne, a leading platform and a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media announced that it will produce and distribute the Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge podcast with Jordan Harbinger (The Jordan Harbinger Show) and television host and lifestyle expert Chelsea Briggs trading hosting duties through the limited run series which is set to launch on June 7, 2021 on PodcastOne, as well as Apple, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are heard.

Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge is a weekly podcast that explores the cutting edge of Internet innovation and pop culture trends. Each of the ten planned episodes will dig into how people are currently using the web to innovate, notable ways in which it’s evolving, what its future might look like, and how we can create that future together.

With subject matter that ranges from Bitcoin, Human Rights, and NFT’s, to Internet marketing and social media growth, Microsoft and hosts Harbinger and Briggs will welcome curious creators, disruptors, and innovation on the Edge.

As one of the leading networks, PodcastOne continues to develop and produce compelling content to generate excitement and intrigue in the audio space. Along with its parent company, LiveXLIve, PodcastOne is leading the industry and encouraging its expansion through platforms and relationships like this one with Microsoft Edge that allows brands to further expand the scope of its marketing campaign by reaching audiences in the fastest growing medium available, podcasting.

iTunes Will Soon Be Available in the Windows Store

Windows Store logoMicrosoft’s new “streamlined” operating system, Windows 10 S, is being touted as the company’s attempt to compete more directly with Google’s Chromebook and Apple’s MacBook computers. Windows 10 S is aimed at the education market, and to a lesser extent, large businesses who are looking to minimize some of the headaches that can occur when users are allowed access to a full-featured operating system like the standard version of Windows 10.

The one thing that really makes Windows 10 S stand out from its predecessors is that the operating system will only allow applications to be installed from within the Windows Store. Taking a cue from other OS developers, Microsoft will fully vet all applications that are aded to the Windows Store, in the hopes that this will minimize operational problems like viruses and malware. Having this level of control will make it easier for hardware suppliers to sell and deploy computers at an institutional level.

And while the vetting process that comes with the Windows Store is likely to be a welcome change for system administrators, it may leave some individual users in the cold. Especially those who’ve been relying on the Windows version of Apple’s iTunes to consume media like music and podcasts. Fortunately, it was recently announced that Apple is working with Microsoft to bring iTunes to the Windows Store.

That means iTunes podcasts should be available on all modern versions of Windows for some time to come. Now that this has been taken care of, can Apple get to work on porting its Podcasts app to Android? It’s seriously overdue.

New Skype TX is Designed for Broadcasters

Skype LogoToday, Microsoft unveiled a new version of Skype that’s designed specifically for use by broadcasters. This new edition of the popular VOiP client is called Skype TX. (“TX” is likely a reference to an accepted abbreviation for “transmission.”) This is the first time in history that a specialized version of Skype has been developed and it looks like Microsoft is reacting to the growing number of media creators (big and small) who are using the application.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a complete list of technical specifications or pricing for Skype TX. But here are some things that are known about the upcoming release:

* Support for HD-SDI input/output
* Handles multiple calls thru a single interface
* Potentially distracting call alerts and notifications have been eliminated
* Balanced audio input/output
* Auto aspect ratio conversion

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