Nashville Podcast Network Comes to iHeartRadio

Earlier this month, iHeartMedia announced that iHeartMedia’s syndicated radio host Bobby Bones will bring his newly launched Nashville Podcast Network to iHeartRadio’s listeners. This adds seven featured podcasts to iHeartRadio.

Nashville Podcast Network is a podcast network from Bobby Bones that gives listeners an inside look at the lifestyle, music, and pop culture of Nashville, Tennessee. Bobby Bones has a nationally syndicated show called Bobby Bones Show. He also is an author and part of The Raging Idiots (a comedy band.)

The newly featured podcasts are:

BobbyCast – A podcast where Bobby Bones talks openly about anything and everything. He records the podcast from the comfort of his home where he brings in guests to chat on big, comfy, chairs.

Velvet’s Edge with Kelly Henderson – A podcast based on the Velvet’s Edge website (which was founded by Kelly Henderson). The podcast features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.

The Frontline Generation with Marjorie K. Eastman – A podcast by award-winning author Marjorie K. Eastman who was a combat veteran. The podcast includes interviews with frontline leaders, including first responders, veterans, law enforcement, and philanthropists.

Good Company with Jake Owen – Jake Owen is a country music star. His newest album is called American Love, and the single is called “Good Company.” In his podcast, he shares the good and bad sides of being a country music superstar.

Whiskey Riff Raff – is hosted by Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler. They give an unfiltered and unapologetic take on country music.

Geeking Out with Kristian Bush – Features host Kristian Bush (whom you may recognize as one half of Sugarland.) He invites guests and asks them what they’re geeking out over in pop music right now.

BoBo and Mikey – is a podcast for children ages four to eight. The podcast features two larger-than-life characters, Bobo and Mikey. Each episode will include an educational lesson with the fun feel of listening to a cartoon.