Nexcast is a New Way to Podcast

Building Nexcast logoNexcast is a podcast app and platform that wants to make podcasting better for everyone. They are sharing their journey (in the form of a podcast) as they are building Nexcast itself. Everything they do is going to be guided by feedback from the podcast community.

Their podcast is called Building Nexcast, and new episodes are released weekly. The podcast is currently in Season 1. The first episode is about what happened when Founder/CEO of Nexcast, Brian Sanders, went to Silicon Valley to pitch his company for the very first time. (Brian Sanders is also the host of the Building Nexcast podcast).

The Building Nexcast podcast follows the Nexcast team as they create a podcast app and platform that improves the podcasting experience for listeners and podcasters. The first 12 episodes take listeners on an adventure about the ups and downs of starting a business.

Nexcast is adding a whole new interactive world to their powerful podcast player. Everything you hear is clickable. You can use the Nexcast app to watch videos, see images, read more about something mentioned on a podcast, and even connect with the hosts of a podcast and the guests they featured on a specific episode.

Right now, Nexcast is accepting users who want early access to the app (and who want to help shape the product). To sign up, you need to give them your email address. Nexcast promises not to share your email.

One of the unique things about Nexcast is how transparent they are. In general, when a new podcast platform, or podcast app, appears – it lacks information about who is involved with it, or how it got made. Nexcast is making quite an effort to let listeners and podcasters know the whole story.