A Tellabration of Podcasts is a Storytelling Festival

A Telebration of PodcastsA Tellabration of Podcasts is a production of the No Extra Words podcast. They are doing a Telebration because they want to give podcasters a chance to shine and to gain recognition as storytellers. They also want to give podcast listeners a new experience and the chance to hear a different kind of storytelling.

The No Extra Words podcast is a weekly podcast of great English language short stories under 2,000 words. Stories come to this podcast from all over the world. Episodes typically feature 2 to 3 stories and they try to keep every episode around 15 minutes. The Producer and Editor of No Extra Words is Kris Baker Dersch.

Any podcaster is welcome to participate in A Tellabration of Podcasts. You can be as creative as you’d like to be with your story. The goal is to focus on a good tale.

Record your audio in .mp3 format and send it to noextrawords@gmail.com Your audio must be four minutes or less. Make sure you include in your audio the name(s) of the storyteller(s) and the name of your podcast.


  • One piece of audio per show.
  • Clean content only. (Your podcast itself can be explicit, but your story submission audio must be clean).
  • Respect all copyright and fair use laws
  • By sending in your audio, you certify that you represent your show, so check in with your co-host(s) and co-producer(s) if applicable.
  • Your audio must be received by International Podcast Day – September 30, 2016.

Those who have questions can email the No Extra Words podcast and ask. As many as possible of the audio that is submitted will be used in the Podcaster’s Tellabration episode of the No Extra Words podcast, which is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2016. (Audio may also be used in other ways as part of Telebration! 2016).