Octave Studios Selects Veritonic’s Brand Lift Technology

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform, announced that Octave Studio, the targeted audio advertising platform and joint venture of News UK’s Wireless and Bauer Media, has renewed their partnership with Veritonic, selecting their Brand Lift technology to provide their clients with unparalleled data and insights around the performance of their audio creative.

Through this partnership, clients of Octave Audio can conduct studies to evaluate the impact of their audio on their overall goals, including product promotion, lead generation, brand loyalty, and more. By measuring key metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, clients can leverage the actionable data from the studies to adjust their campaigns and increase their ROI.

“We are proud to support Octave in their mission to generate and deploy powerful audio advertisements on behalf of their client base,” said Damian Scragg, General Manager of International & Brand Sales for Veritonic. “The robust nature of our Brand Lift solution lends itself well to verifying and amplifying the impact of audio campaigns and, ultimately, the development of a comprehensive audio strategy.”

“We are pleased to partner with Veritonic to offer this mission-critical data to our 700+ clients all over the world,” said Tom McKay, Head of Product & Safety at Octave. “Veritonic shares our mission of helping brands and agencies that are leveraging audio to understand the impact of their campaigns and gain actionable insights for future campaign planning.”

Octave Audio recently collaborated with their insurance comparison website client, Mustard.co.uk, to leverage Veritonic’s best-in-class audio Brand Lift technology to test which ads would resonate and perform best in terms of Awareness, Favorability, and Intent between targeted ads and non-targeted ads. Veritonic’s sophisticated technology provided Mustard with actionable and insightful data around the power of targeted audio ads, showing a 14ppt lift in recall, a 5ppt lift in intent, and a 4.5ppt lift in overall resonance for the targeted ads.

“Veritonic’s campaign measurement technology has empowered our team to make stronger, data-driven decisions in the audio space,” said Jazmine Brace, Marketing Manager at mustard.co.uk. “Having concise insights into what is working and resonating within our target audience or within our target creative type has granted us the confidence we need to deploy audio campaigns that we know will have strong ROI”

Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology empowers brands and advertisers to gauge the impact of their creative assets across a variety of audio outlets. The data and analysis gleaned from the technology provides a highly insightful view of campaign performance within brand or agency’s unique audience targeting requirements to establish a baseline of success measures or areas for improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about Veritonic’s Brand Lift technology, visit www.veritonic.com or contact sales@veritonic.com.