Otto Radio Wants Audio Producers and Sound Engineers

Otto Radio App LogoOtto Radio is an aggregator that allows people to create a dedicated radio station about any topic they choose. They have a variety of podcasts that are accessible for people to listen to, as well as links to related news. Otto Radio is seeking an Audio Producer and Sound Engineer.

Otto Radio states that “at the end of the day, it’s not about the products we create, it’s about the people we affect.” They are looking for others who are equally passionate and committed to their craft, who strive to improve and learn from their experiences, and who get the most out of their abilities. Otto Radio says: “If you want your work to feel like a calling, this could be the place for you.”

They are seeking audio producers and sound engineers.  This is not one job for one person. Instead, Otto Radio is looking to build up a network of freelance audio producers and sound engineers. They want people who have experience with radio and/or podcasting.

The skills they are looking for include:

  • Recording on professional audio equipment
  • Researching/sourcing sound effects, music, and external audio
  • Sound editing
  • Mixing in music, sound effects, actuality, and external audio
  • Writing for audio
  • Audio mastering

Otto Radio is looking for both on-call and regular freelancers who can work with them for several hours a day. The job ad describes the location as “flexible”. Those who are interested can apply for these positions directly through the Otto Radio website.

Uber Partners With Otto Radio to Play Podcasts for Passengers

Otto Radio App LogoUber, the popular ride-sharing service that pairs those needing rides with willing drivers, recently announced a partnership with podcast-consumption app Otto Radio to provide customized podcast playlists for Uber passengers to listen to during their rides:

The next time you request a ride using the Uber app, a playlist of news stories and podcasts, perfectly timed for your trip’s duration, will be waiting for you in Otto Radio. Once your driver has arrived, you can sit back and enjoy your ‘personally curated listening experience and arrive at your destination up-to-date about the things you care about most,’ the companies said.

Otto Radio is an aggregation service that sources audio from thousands of online news outlets and podcasts. The service is designed to give users personalized playlists based on their interests. The Uber-Otto tie-in will rely on information in passengers’ Otto Radio accounts, creating properly-timed playlists for the duration of passengers’ Uber trips. (It’s unclear if passengers will need to listen to these curated streams on their own mobile devices or if the audio will be piped in thru the vehicle’s speakers.)

Podcast producers who’d like to have their shows included in this program can use Otto Radio’s claim form to ensure they’re listed in Otto’s directory.