Playapod is a Free Cross Platform Podcast App

Playapod is a free cross platform app for Android and iOS devices. It was introduced in February of 2018, and has been featured on the Google Play store. It is also available at Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore.

Playapod syncs your podcasts to the cloud so you can pick up any device and go. App features cross-platform device syncing, episode tracking down to the second, time-coded bookmarks, remote media controls, offline listening, new episode notifications, fast performance, no ads, and more!

Playapod is free to download and has no ads.

Benefits of Playapod include:

  • Push Notifications: Fans will be notified as soon as your next episode drops.
  • Easy to Share: Users can easily share your podcast across all their social networks.
  • Ranking Up: Playapod’s popular list of podcasts is based on total time listened to your show. The more users that listen with Playapod will result in your show ranking higher up the list!

Some Playapod App Features include:

  • Playlist: Create a custom playlist of podcast episodes for all-day playback. Drag and Drop reordering makes it easy to organize your favorites.
  • Listen Offline: Download entire podcasts and listen on the go without a network connection or cellular data charges.
  • Remote Control: Toggle playback, navigate your playlist, seek forward and backwards quickly with lockscreen and bluetooth controls.
  • Bookmarking: Bookmark your favorite parts of any episode so you can quickly go back and listen again. Bookmarks are time-coded and cloud synced across all your devices.
  • Import Podcasts: Quickly bulk import a list of podcasts with OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language XML Files)