Pod Bible Offers Physical Copies of their Issues

Pod Bible is the UK’s first ever magazine dedicated to podcasts. Their aim is to act as a hub for podcast listeners, old and new. The magazine is released every two months and is full of podcast reviews and recommendations, interviews with prominent podcasters and tips on how to get into podcasting yourself.

Physical copies of Pod Bible are released across London, Brighton and Margate with the digital version available to read anywhere. Back issues are also available to purchase online. In addition to the magazine, Pod Bible also has a weekly podcast featuring conversations with your favorite podcasters about their shows and the shows they love.

To order physical copies of Pod Bible, you need to visit the Pod Bible Shop. You can buy the entire 2019 collection – which consists of all six Pod Bibles released in 2019 – for £8.00. Or, you can buy an individual physical copy of any one of the issues from 2019 for £2.00 (each).

The most recent edition of Pod Bible is the February 2020 edition (which you can also by a physical copy of for £2.00). This issue features Fearne Cotton, Tez Ilyas, Kathy Burke, Stu Goldsmith, and all your podcast tips, reviews, and recommendations. It appears that a digital flipbook of the newest Pod Bible is viewable on the Pod Bible website.

Podcasting is a audio media, which can sometimes also come in the form of videos. It’s really cool that Pod Bible regularly offers physical copies in London, Brighton, and Margate, and also allows people to purchase physical copies online. Sometimes, it is nice to have something tangible, that you can hold in your hand, that connects to an audio podcast.