Podcamp Pittsburgh X Reveals its Schedule

Podcamp Pittsburg logoPodcamp Pittsburgh describes itself as “the most awesome thing in Pittsburgh”. It is a social new media “unconference” for seasoned podcasters as well as those who are brand new to podcasting. This year is the tenth year of the event.

Podcamp Pittsburgh X will take place on August 15 and 16, 2015. All are welcome, including podcasters, content creators, social media wizards, designers, builders, and anyone else who is interested in learning or sharing what they have learned. Registration is free.

They have released their official schedule that shows what sessions they will have and when each one will happen. They have a main room, a Room B, and a Room C, and there will be sessions happening in each one at the same time.

There are some sessions that are about podcasting. The “OG Podcasters Panel with Justin Kownacki” session involves a panel discussion with some of Pittsburgh’s longest running podcasters. They will discuss podcasting then, podcasting now, and podcasting future.

There is also an “Intro to Audio Podcasting” session that will primarily cover the basics and how-tos. This would obviously be a good session for people who recently started podcasting for the first time. I also think there could be information in it that seasoned podcasters had not considered.

The “Intro to Video Podcasting” session covers the basics and how-to’s of video podcasting. Those who have been doing an audio podcast for a long time, and who are interested in trying video podcasting, could learn something here.

A session called “Taking Your Podcast Live” covers topics that relate specifically to the things that can come up during a live podcast. They will discuss the importance of having a back up plan, in case something unexpectedly goes wrong (and other topics). Parents who podcast may want to check out the “Podcasting and Parenting” session. It focuses on how to take a parenting related problem or challenge and turn it into a profitable business.