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Podcast Blastoff Offers Easy Podcast Hosting

Podcast Blastoff logoPodcast Blastoff is an all-in-one solution for busy podcasters. It is called BlastPod. It is for people who are just getting started in podcasting, and it is also for podcasters who are busy and don’t have the time to spend on creating a website and doing social media.

BlastPod offers Easy Podcast Hosting. This includes lifetime storage and unmetered bandwidth. The Podcast Blastoff website states that your listeners will have access to your podcast whenever they want it.

It also says that no matter how popular your podcast gets, your subscription price will stay the same. You select how much you want to upload each month and will never get charged for extra bandwidth usage. Podcast Blastoff will store your podcast episodes for the lifetime of your account, and will guarantee that the episodes will be available, no matter how many people are downloading them.

At the moment, they are only allowing 20 users to Pioneer their service before the full launch. Pioneers will be grandfathered in at the Pioneer Price for the life of their account. At full launch, Podcast Blastoff will open to the public, will be able to add more users, and will charge them the full subscription price.

The subscription price is based on monthly uploads. There are three options:
* 250mb – $20 per month for Pioneer users / $30 per month for others
* 500mb – $30 per month for Pioneer users / $45 per month for others
* 800mb – $40 per month for Pioneer users / $60 per month for others

Each subscription comes with the following:
* Website Creator
* RSS Creation
* Basic Statistics
* Blastoff Podcast Player
* Blastoff Widgets

With BlastPod, you get hosting for your podcast files, a customizable website to display your podcast on, and access to exclusive tools for getting your podcast to the ears of your listeners. You can create, manage, and schedule posts with the ease of a status update. You get access to built-in RSS feed generators, so you can be featured on iTunes and Stitcher.