Study Reveals Podcast Listening Trends In Nigeria For 2023

A sign in green letters says: Podcast Listening Habits 2023"

In a recent survey conducted in Nigeria, a comprehensive examination of podcast listening habits among Nigerians has uncovered intriguing insights into the nation’s podcast landscape in 2023.

The survey, which engaged a diverse sample of 500 participants, provides a fascinating snapshot of the podcast ecosystem in Nigeria. Some key highlights from the survey include: 

Frequency of Podcast Listening: The survey revealed that a substantial portion of Nigerians listen to podcasts regularly. A significant 35.8% listen multiple times a week, with an additional 34.2% tuning in at least once a month.

Diverse Content Preferences: Nigerian listeners exhibit diverse tastes when it comes to podcast content. Popular genres include Society and Culture (53.3%) and Personal Development and Self-Improvement (56.7%).

Smartphones Dominate: Smartphones emerged as the preferred device for podcast consumption, with a staggering 94.2% of respondents using them to access their favorite shows.

Word-of-Mouth and Social Media: Recommendations from friends and family, along with social media platforms, were identified as primary sources for discovering new podcasts.

Audio Quality Matters: An overwhelming 62.5% of participants emphasized the importance of clear audio quality, underlining the significance of good sound production.

The survey also provided valuable demographic insights, revealing that the majority of Nigerian podcast enthusiasts fall within the 25-34 age group, with the South West region leading in terms of podcast engagement.

These findings highlight the evolving podcast landscape in Nigeria and the growing appetite for diverse audio content among its citizens. Podcast creators and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to explore and embrace this burgeon medium. 

For further details and access to the full survey results and presentation slides, please visit Podcast Listening Habits in Nigeria -2023.