Podcast Movement 2016 Offers Workshops

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 will take place in Chicago on July 6-8. 2016. In addition to all the great things that will be happening at the event, Podcast Movement 2016 is also offering some workshops.

The workshops will happen on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, before Podcast Movement 2016 kicks off. One is LiveStream MasterClass – Periscope Blab & SnapChat. This workshop will teach you the secrets to driving traffic to your podcast, website, and blog via livestreaming apps like Blab, Periscope, MeVee, SnapChat and more.

The LiveStream Masterclass Workshop is brought to you by SummitLive. It features:

* Ryan Bell – Summit.Live Founder
* Brian Fanzo – Periscoper of the Year Nominee
* Dana Garrison – Periscope Influencer / Tribe Leader
* Casey Zeman – Fullscope.TV Founder

The other is PM 16 Workshop: How to Plan, Create, and Launch A Successful Podcast in 2016. It is hosted by Meron Bareket, the founder of Podcast Incubator.

What can you learn from this workshop:

* How to create a podcast your target audience can’t resist – using Meron Bareket’s fill-in-the-blanks Avatar template

* 3 different goals you can achieve by launching a podcast this year – and a podcast launch strategy for each one

* How to choose the podcast show that is right for you

* The microphone, software and setup you’ll need to sound great on any budget

* 5 simple tweaks for your podcast artwork, title, and description

* Microphone techniques that will make you sound better

* A step-by-step post demonstration of how to record, edit, enhance, and export a full podcast episode

* The #1 game changing thing you can do to get more organic reviews and grow your email list faster through your podcast

* How to pick your podcast hosting solution

* How to get your podcast featured on all the major libraries – including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Tune.In, Spreaker, iHeartRadio and more

* The 8-point Podcast Pre-Launch checklist

Podcast Movement 2016 is also bringing back PMx – which is described as “TED-like Talks For the Podcasters Community”. It will take place July 6, 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. It is free to attend.

PMx consists of a suite of short (18 minute) carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances that are idea-focused, and that cover a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. Multiple issues and a diversity of voices from many podcasting perspectives and niches will be presented. PMx lacks any commercial agenda and is not a marketing conference.

Podcast Movement 2016 Adds Keynote Speaker and 7 Session Leaders

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 has revealed who all of their Keynote Speakers will be for this year’s event. In addition, they have also added a total of 7 Session Leaders. Combine them with the previously announced speakers, and it is clear that Podcast Movement 2016 will have a whole lot to offer.

Kevin Smith has been announced as the final Keynote Speaker for Podcast Movement 2016. He is the co-founder of the Smodcast Podcast Network which includes the hit shows Smodcast, Fatman on Batman, and Hollywood Babble-on. Kevin Smith is also the filmmaker and actor behind Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

In addition, Podcast Movement 2016 has also added seven Session Leaders. Some of them have been with Podcast Movement before, and some are brand new faces. They are:

* Cliff Ravenscraft – Podcast Answer Man

* Christina Canters – Stand Out and Get Noticed

* Rob Walsh – VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn

* Carrie Olsen – Full time voice actor who also records e-learning and commercial spots

* Hani Mourra – Simple Video Press

* Meg Le Vu – Video Marketers Cookbook

* Mike Kim – Brand You Podcast

Podcast Movement 2016 Adds Speakers from Startup, Criminal, and The Sporkful

Podcast Movement 2016 logoIt is kind of exciting to watch Podcast Movement 2016 slowly announce more speakers. It feels as though they have new podcasters to announce every week. Some are keynote speakers, others are additional speakers, and some are podcasters who are involved with business topics. Podcast Movement 2016 certainly isn’t slowing down as we get closer to the days the event will take place!

Podcast Movement 2016 will happen in Chicago on July 6-8, 2016. Earlier this month, they announced that Alex Blumberg will be a keynote speaker for this year’s event. Alex Blumberg has had a long career in public radio as a former producer of This American Life and co-founder of Planet Money.

In addition, Alex Blumberg helped co-found Gimlet Media which is a for-profit podcast network. The first show produced by Gimlet was Startup. The first season of Startup focused on what it is really like to get a business off the ground (that business being Gimlet Media). Startup is now in Season 2, which focuses on a business called Dating Ring. It is founded by two women in their 20’s who are outsiders in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley.

This week, Podcast Movement 2016 announced a plethora of interesting speakers that you can see at the event. Two of them are from the Criminal podcast. Criminal is a podcast about crime. Phoebe Judge is the host of Criminal (and also a host at WUNC North Carolina Public Radio.) Lauren Spohrer was a producer, director, and editor for The Story with Dick Gordon. She also runs the online literary magazine Two Serious Ladies.

Dan Pashman is the creator and host of WNYC’s The Sporkful podcast. It is an award nominated food podcast where Dan and his guests obsess over the details of eating to uncover truths about food – and people. The Sporkful isn’t a podcast for foodies, it is a podcast for eaters. Dan Pashman is also the host of the Cooking Channel’s James Beard award nominated web series You’re Eating It Wrong. Dan Pashman will be a speaker at Podcast Movement 2016.

Podcast Movement 2016 will be announcing more speakers each Monday between now and when the event takes place. They will also be giving details about some panels that will take place at the event.

Podcast Movement 2016 Adds More Speakers

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 will take place in Chicago, Illinois, on July 6-8, 2016. The event is for anyone who is interested in podcasting. Seasoned podcasters and those who are considering getting into podcasting for the very first time are welcome. There will be plenty of speakers to listen to – and more have just been added.

Attendees of Podcast Movement 2016 will have the opportunity to participate in their choice of over 75 breakout sessions and panels, including sessions on the Technical Track, Creators Track, Business Track, Industry Track, and more. Keynote speakers will kick off and close out each day.

Podcast Movement 2016 recently announced that two of the world’s best story-telling podcasters will be at the event. Glynn Washington is the host and executive producer of Snap Judgment (which is part of WNYC Studios). The podcast is described as “Storytelling, with a BEAT”. It dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

Before creating the Snap Judgement Radio Show, Glynn Washington worked as an educator, diplomat, community activist, actor, political strategist and more. He has composed music for Kunst Stoff dance performances in San Francisco, and performed live spoken word poetry in Detroit.

Aaron Manke is the creator, writer, and producer of the hit podcast Lore. It is an award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Each episode of Lore looks into a uniquely scary tale and uncovers the truth behind it. Aaron Manke is also the author of a number of supernatural thrillers, including Indian Summer, Consumed, and Grave Suspicion.

In addition to these two amazing storytellers, Podcast Movement 2016 has also announced that Dan Miller will be there. He is an author, magazine contributor, and host of the 48 Days podcast. Dan Miller specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success.

WBEZ will be at Podcast Movement 2016

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 will take place in Chicago. It seems very fitting that three of Chicago’s own WBEZ podcasts will be at this year’s Podcast Movement. They are the most recent additions to the lineup of speakers who will be part of the event.

Podcast Movement is the premier international gathering of podcasters. It happens in a different location each year. According to the Podcast Movement website, Chicago is one of the best podcast cities in the world. They feel that much of the credit for turning the city into one of the preeminent locations for podcasting can be given to WBEZ.

WBEZ has added a number of niche and pop-culture podcasts to their family of digital shows. This American Life leads the pack of the world’s most popular podcasts, drawing nearly 3.5 listens a month. WBEZ’s podcast umbrella also includes Sound Opinions, where WBEZ’s Rock Doctors hold court on everything musical, and Filmspotting, a unique film review show.

Podcast Movement 2016 has been slowly revealing the speakers and panelists that will be at the event. They are planning on having more than 100 of them. The exact schedule of when each will speak has yet to be released. What is clear is that Podcast Movement 2016 will take place on July 6-8, 2016.

Three WBEZ podcasts, and their hosts, have been added to the list of speakers. Shannon Cason is the host of Homemade Stories. He is a powerful voice in the storytelling front, and a Moth GrandSLAM winner. In the podcast, he lays out his life for the listener, blemishes and all. Some stories are insightful and true, and others are works of fiction.

Keith Ecker and Erin Kahoa are hosts of Pleasure Town. It is a serial podcast about the people who live in PleasureTown, Oklahoma, as told by a mix of eclectic residents. The podcast is a mix of old-time radio show and dark contemporary drama.

Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnson are the hosts of Nerdette. It is a show where they talk to people about their obsessions, from science to science fiction, great lady nerds of history, to Beyonce. Their podcast can be summed up as: “It’s not about what you love. It’s about how much you love it.”

Podcast Movement 2016 Announces Speakers from the Business Space

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 is the third annual Podcast Movement event. It will place July 6-8, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. Podcast Movement 2016 has been announcing the addition of new speakers as they are added. They recently announced a selection of podcasters from the business space.

The schedule for Podcast Movement 2016 has yet to be revealed. You can, however, register to attend the conference now. Their “Super early bird special ends” in 45 days (at the time this blog was written). The conference is for anyone who is interested in podcasting, no matter if you are a seasoned podcaster or brand new to podcasting.

The five newly announced speakers from the business space are:

* Andrew Warner – Mixergy
* Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income
* Kate Erickson – Kate’s Take & Entrepreneur on Fire
* Ray Edwards – The Ray Edwards Show
* John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire

Previously, Podcast Movement 2016 announced that Anna Sale, of WYNC’s Death, Sex and Money as the first PM16 featured speaker. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, of Buzzfeed’s Another Round, have also been announced as PM16 featured speakers. A quick look at the Podcast Movement 2016 website shows that there are two empty circles that will eventually be filled with two more featured speakers. We will have to wait and see who is announced.

Podcast Movement 2016 Announces More Speakers

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 is the third annual Podcast Movement event. It is for anyone who is interested in or involved with podcasting. Selected keynote speakers will take center stage to kick off and close out the event each day. Podcast Movement 2016 recently announced two more speakers.

The two newest additions to the Podcast Movement 2016 list of speakers are Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. They are the hosts of the Another Round podcast. Their show covers everything from race, gender, pop culture, and more. You might recall the episode they did in 2015 where they interviewed Hillary Clinton.

You might also recognize Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton from the Podcast Movement 2015 Session that they led. It was featured on the Podcast Movement: Sessions podcast. The title of their session was “How to Diversify”.

Previously, Anna Sale was announced as the first Podcast Movement 2016 speaker. She is the host and managing editor of Death, Sex & Money, WYNC’s interview show about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation. Podcast Movement 2016 will be announcing more featured speakers as we get closer to July 6-8, 2016, when the event will take place.

Podcast Movement 2016 Announces First Speaker

Podcast Movement 2016 logoPodcast Movement 2016 is the third annual Podcast Movement event. It is for anyone who is interested in or involved with Podcasting. Selected keynote speakers will take center stage to kick off and close out each day. Podcast Movement 2016 has just announced who their first speaker will be.

Anna Sale has been announced as the first Podcast Movement 2016 speaker. She is the host and managing editor of Death, Sex & Money, WYNC’s interview show about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.

Before developing Death, Sex & Money, Anna Sale covered politics, including the New York City mayoral race, the 2012 presidential campaign, and the statehouse beat in both Connecticut and West Virginia. Anna Sale has contributed to This American Life, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, Studio 360, PBS Newshour and Slate.

More speakers will be announced as the calendar gets closer to July 6, 2016 (when Podcast Movement 2016 will take place). It will be held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago for two days and nights. In other words, it runs from July 6, 2016, through July 8, 2016.

At the time I am writing this blog, Podcast movement 2016 is having a Black Friday Special Registration that began at midnight, Eastern Time, on Friday, November 27, 2015. Their Black Friday Special Registration will be available through the Black Friday weekend. There is a countdown clock on their special registration page that shows exactly how much time you have to take advantage of deal.