Podcast Movement Virtual Announced Keynote Speakers

Podcast Movement Virtual has announced their list of Keynote Speakers. To find out when each Keynote Speaker will be speaking, you should check the Podcast Movement Virtual Schedule. The entire schedule will display in your local time zone.

Keynote Speakers include:

Keynote Talk: The Rise of Daily News Podcasts (In an Election Year!)
Neal Carruth (NPR), Martine Powers (Post Reports – The Washington Post), Seab Raneswaran (Today, Explained – Vox)

Keynote Talk: It’s About Time: Fast-Tracked Podcasts Optimized to Read the Room
Julián Castro (Former Democratic candidate for president), Paige Cowett (The Daily – New York Times), Mary Harris (What Next – Slate), DeRay Mckesson (Pod Save the People, The Untold Story: Policing), Andy Slavitt (FMR Admin for CMS under Obama, Host of In The Bubble), Stephanie Wittles Wachs (Chief Creative Director Lemonada Media)

Keynote Talk: International Emerging Markets in Podcasting
Norman Chella (Podcaster – Podlovers Asia), James Cridland (Podnews), Núria Net (La Coctelera Music), Paula Rogo (Kali Media / Africa Podfest)

Keynote Talk: Live Conversation with Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban Industries),

Keynote Talk: Intellectual Property & Podcast Creator Rights
Misha Euceph (Dustlight Productions), Nora McInerny (Host of Terrible, Thanks for Asking), Manoush Zomorodi (Host of TED Radio Hour and ZigZag, Founder of Stable Genius Productions)

Keynote Talk: Mental Health and Podcasting: How Podcasting Improves Our Mental Health Through Empathy, Vulnerability, and Connection
Pat Flynn (CEO Flynndustries & SPI Media, Host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast),

Keynote Talk: Lilian Garcia
Lilian Garcia (Host of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia)

Keynote Talk: The NewsWorthy
Erica Mandy (Founder & Host of The NewsWorthy)

Keynote Talk: Tom Webster

Tom Webster (Senior Vice President Edison Research)

Podcast Movement Virtual Announced Round 1 of Speakers

Podcast Movement Virtual has announced the first round of speakers. The event will take place online on October 19-20, 2020. Registration is open now.

Podcast Movement Virtual 1st Round of Speaker Announcements include:

  • Jukeyka Lantigua-Williams of Langiqua Williams & Co. – “16 Questions to Test Your Podcast Idea (Before You Press Record)”
  • Lory Martinez with Studeo Ochenta – “Podcasting for Social Justice: POC & BIPOC Podcast Founders Sound Off”
  • Lindsay Graham from Airship.fm – “Narrative in Nonfiction: Engage through Drama”
  • Milah Mapp and Erica Dickerson from Good Moms Bad Choices and Veronika Taylor with Acast – “We’re All Niche: How to Advocate for Your Personal Identity through Podcasting (from Two Single, Black Moms Who Do So)”
  • Tom Schwab with Interview Valet – “What the Data Says About Podcast Interviews”
  • Christine Blackburn of Story Worthy – “A Decade of Podcasting with Christine Blackburn of Story Worthy”
  • Kimberly Sumpter from Sistahs Connect – “Podcasting: Expanding the Reach of Remote Learning”
  • Nick Dunkerley from Hindenburg Systems – “Painting Pictures with Sound: Bringing Your Stories to Life”
  • Melina Palmer with The Brainy Business and Louise Brogan from LinkedIn with Louise – “Is Your Pitch Getting Deleted? Let’s Change That!”
  • A.J. Feliciano from Rooster Teeth – “Building a Community with Your Content”
  • Christina Barsi with Avant Haus Media – “Why You’re Lying to Yourself (and Doing It Wrong): How to Think Creatively to Excel”
  • Chris Colbert from DCP Entertainment – “Say Their Name: How to Use Audio to Humanize Headlines”
  • Paula J. Hutchinson with The Stiletto Talks – “Identifying an Impactful Niche”
  • Todd Cochrane with Blubrry Podcasting – “Private Podcasting Possibilities”
  • Zaiba Hasan from Mommying While Muslim – “Breaking Down Stereotypes and Accidental Audiences”

And more! To see the full list, you should read the blog post on the Podcast Movement Virtual website.

Podcast Movement Virtual has a Call for Proposals

Podcast Movement Virtual will take place online from October 19-29, 2020. Podcast Movement Virtual is calling for proposals from those who wish to attend the virtual event as a speaker or a discussion leader.

Before submitting, Podcast Movement Virtual recommends that you review the technical requirements for doing a virtual event presentation at the event. You should also learn about their Session Tracks and Session Types.

Information you will need to submit a session:

  • A descriptive, well thought out session title
  • A description of your session, with takeaways, that those in attendance will leave with
  • Your square headshot, at least 400×400, and podcast cover art, OR square company logo
  • Your full contact information
  • An idea as to what track your presentation would fit on, and what topic category your session would be a part of
  • A complete and final list of other participants in your presentation, if any
  • Your bio

If you want to submit a panel, you should have only the person who will lead or moderate the panel submit it. Make sure to have the consent and permission from any panelists you are proposing to include in the presentation before adding them.

Speaker submissions will close on August 19, 2020. Applicants will be contacted by August 31, 2020. For more information, visit the Podcast Movement Virtual call for proposals page.