Podcast Success Summit Starts Now!

Podcast Success Summit logoPodcast Success Summit is a 25 day online event that begins on May 16, 2015, and ends on June 9, 2016. The event is free to attend and you can claim your free ticket from the Podcast Success Summit website.

A total of 81 world-leading podcasting and online marketing experts share how you can successfully launch, grow, make an impact with, and monetize a podcast. The event is aimed at three groups: the new podcaster, the podcast host, and entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, marketers, and artists.

New podcasters can learn how to successfully launch their podcast and can “get a snapshot on the podcasting world”. Podcast hosts can learn ways to grow their audience, leverage their shows, land clients, and make money from it. The third group can learn what podcasting can do for their brand and business, and how being a featured podcast guest can help grow their email list.

Some featured speakers include:

* Jay Baer – Convince & Convert Media – “Opening Keynote: The Opportunities of Podcasting”

* Sarah Williams – Tough Girl Podcast – “The Benefits of Podcasting”

* Rob Walch – Libsyn – “Podcasting Myths”

* Rob Greenlee – Spreaker – “The Past, Present & Future of Podcasting”

* Dave Jackson – School of Podcasting – “Podcast Formats”

* Jennifer Crawford – DC PodFest – “Podcasting + Creativity”

* Kate Erickson – Entrepreneur On Fire – “How to Identify Your Ideal Listener”

* Dave Lee – International Podcast Day – “Podcasting + Collaboration”

* Daniel J. Lewis – The Audacity to Podcast – “Podcasting Workflow”

* Hani Mourra – Simple Podcast Press – “Podcasting, Automation and Efficiency”

Those are just some of the featured speakers from the first ten days of the Podcast Success Summit. Most days have more than one speaker. The event goes on for a total of 25 days, with a wide variety of speakers and topics.