Podcasting for Dummies – 3rd Edition Available for Pre-Order

The third edition of “Podcasting for Dummies” is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The authors are Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi. The book is in paperback and is priced at $20.76.

More people than ever are turning to podcasts for on-demand, mobile entertainment and information. Podcasting for Dummies offers a fast and easy way to get the know-how you need to produce and distribute one of your very own. Written by a pair of podcasting pioneers, this book shares insight on the technology behind recording, editing, and sharing podcasts, along with tips and tricks on how to produce a pro-level podcast.

Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi are two people whose names would be recognized by podcasters. They also were authors of the previous version of “Podcasting for Dummies” (2nd edition), along with Evo Terra.

The third edition of “Podcasting for Dummies” is a fully-updated edition. It gives would-be and experienced podcasters all the tech information, production insight, and promotional tips they need to either get a podcast off the ground or to improve on an existing one.