LiveOne’s PodcastOne Partners With AI-Driven Seekr

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and subsidiary of LiveOne, announced that it has reached an agreement with Seekr, a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven content scoring platform with applications for audio-based brands and advertisers. The partnership will enable PodcastOne to ensure brand suitability for its advertising partners. Seekr’s machine learning platform employs natural language processing (NLP) to rapidly evaluate and score content for safety and reliability.

“Seekr’s partnership with PodcastOne provides current and potential advertisers an extraordinarily high level of confidence and peace of mind that their ad-buys will be made in brand-suitable environments,” said Pat Condo, Chief Executive Officer of Seekr. “PodcastOne has been able to achieve remarkable growth – amassing nearly 2.5 billion downloads – in large part, because it is leading in innovation, and we’re excited to see AI technology supercharge those efforts. Seekr’s content evaluation and rating technology immediately positions PodcastOne as an industry leader in the adoption of advanced AI”

Once fully implemented, the initial beneficiaries of Seekr’s technology will be existing PodcastOne business partners. The full spectrum of PodcastOne’s podcasts will be evaluated and rated instantly to help determine the most impactful places to drive brand visibility an be heard in the moment. Additionally, PodcastOne podcasts will have direct connectivity to, an independent search engine that rates content using AI, allowing PodcastOne listeners to leverage Seekr’s proprietary technology and patented search capabilities.

“Brands want security in knowing that their investment is being made with reliable, honest, truthful programming that aligns with their core values and intended audiences. With Seekr’s AI technology, we now offer media buyers an additional third-party option of trust that does not currently exist in the audio advertising marketplace. As we continue to be at the forefront of emerging technology within the audio space, aligning with Seekr puts us ahead of the pack for advertising clients who want the content reliability and for consumers who want to trusted, honest content which allows PodcastOne to remain a trusted network for advertisers,” said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

PodcastOne continues to develop and produce compelling and entertainment and current event based content to generate excitement and intrigue in the audio and streaming space. With podcasts being the fastest growing medium by far, PodcastOne is determined to remain a leader in expanding audiences and forging synergistic relationships for its podcasters. With select podcasts available in over one-million Tesla vehicles, PodcastOne’s full roster of programming is available on PodcastOne, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and wherever podcasts are heard.

About Seekr Technologies Inc.

Seekr is a privately held artificial intelligence company that specializes in transparent content evaluation and objective ratings. Its AI technology is designed to rate all content, both authentic content created by humans, and synthetic, machine-generated content. Seekr empowers user choice and control by streamlining access to reliable information. The centerpiece of Seeker’s technology is an independent search engine that is powered by the proprietary AI and employs natural language processing (NLP) to generate a Seekr Score and Political Lean Indicator. Seekr is committed to building a web that people can trust by giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find reliable content in context.

LiveOne’s PodcastOne Enables Gamification Across Network

LiveOne, an award-winning, creator-first, music, entertainment and technology platform, announced that PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and wholly-owned subsidiary of LiveOne, now offers listeners a fun and innovative way to engage with PodcastOne’s network of award-winning top-ranked podcast hosts through gamification. Powered by VersusGame, PodcastOne has launched MiniGames on their platform, enabling their listeners to watch and answer prediction and opinion-based questions to win rewards.

This endeavor marks an exciting introduction into gamification and monetization for PodcastOne, its host talent, and advertisers allowing them to create or sponsor relevant and topical content for fans that will reside on MiniGames created by PodcastOne show hosts will also be distributed across the vast VersusGame Network which includes over 900 verified hosts.

Now live on, the MiniGames experience provides users and fans the opportunity to engage with the relevant gamified content within the natural ecosystem of the site. With games in a variety of genres like Television & Film, Music, News, Sports, Lifestyle and more, players now have a content experience like never before combined with the opportunity to win exciting rewards. “With over 200 active podcasts, PodcastOne is a powerhouse partner for us,” said John Vitti, VersusGame Founder and CEO. “We are eager to share our interactive content solution with their amazing audience.”

VersusGame MiniGames are a way for publishers, platform owners, and other creators to add a new source of non-advertising revenue to their existing business, completely net of costs. MiniGames can reused to make passive content instantly interactive and entice future-based excitement. MiniGames increase engagement and retention while maintaining a high level of contextual relevance so as not to compromise the user experience. Partner results have shown an average 27% engagement rate and 55.6% click-through rate.

“Our partnership with VersusGame is another way for us to capitalize on fan engagement. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us and for our hosts to engage with fans in an interactive way. Offering users the chance to win financially, while also generating internal revenue is a win for everyone,” said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne. “Bringing gamification into the PodcastOne world brings our listeners into our shows in a whole new way. Now they get to engage directly with show hosts and participate in the conversation. It elevates the listener’s experience like never before.”

VersusGame announced the launch of MiniGames last month, an effort that instantly creates a massive distribution network of gamified content by bringing it to popular destinations where people already spend their time. VersusGame’s Founder and CEO John Vitti said, “The largest companies in the world saw the success of VersusGame and insisted that we bring the technology directly to their customers, subscribers and fans and directly on their consumer platforms.” VersusGame is a product that rewards people for their knowledge and monetizes intent like no other before it.

With podcasting becoming more popular globally and demand for engaging content on the rise, PodcastOne’s foray into gamification is on track to meet the growing importance of giving its audience a new avenue for engagement. In an effort to reach their broader audience beyond the website platform, PodcastOne plans to roll out a social media content cadence to share MiniGames with their community. In addition to evergreen games, the trending and topical subject matter of many predictions and opinion-based polls calls for timely sharing on social media so users can maximize their play.

PodcastOne Announces Unprecedented Growth in 2022

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne, announced today that the network has experienced unprecedented growth in 2022 across total episode downloads, YouTube subscribers, and social media engagement.

PodcastOne continues to see considerable growth in several key areas of podcast consumption and interaction through the strength of targeted and paired marketing campaigns, episodic launch strategies, and its video strategy.

PodcastOne’s dedicated YouTube channel has seen a 45% increase in views and is up 106% in subscribers in Q3 ’22 compared with total growth at 128% since the start of the calendar year.

On social media, Instagram engagement is up 13.7% over the last 90 days vs the previous 90 days and PodcastOne’s dedicated TikTok account has amassed over 1.5 million views since its inception in July 2021 giving network hosts and podcast advertisers a direct path to promote content to a dedicated fanbase.

“We’ve built a full-funnel marketing operation at PodcastOne that allows us to leverage our current podcasts to grow and launch new shows in both the audio and video spaces. Data coupled with our custom creative strategies and off-network relationships have grown our network audience exponentially and consistently lands our shows in the top 100 chart rankings,” said Ilana Susnow, Head of Marketing & Audience Development of PodcastOne.

With the success of focused marketing and creative and integrated strategies, podcast in key categories such as True Crime, History, TV & Film, Self-Improvement and Society & Culture have seen double- and triple-digit growth in audience downloads. Successes include:

Trust Me, which has grown a remarkable 85% in audience since the beginning of the year.

Cold Case Files has expanded to two weekly episodes due to the overwhelming demand for content. Each week, fans are now treated to an original episode as well as a classic episode replay.

The Dr. Grundry Podcast has shown a 30% uptick in listeners since the beginning of 2022.

American Nightmare Season 2 has relaunched as part of the strategy to launch Season 3 with double digit downloads.

The Prosecutors recently debuted a spin off show, The Prosecutors: Legal Brief, in the wake of the success of its 14% episodic audience growth since onboarding with PodcastOne in January 2022.

“We were getting a few thousand downloads an episode when we first started PodcastOne, and our audience has grown significantly and continues to grow since. Cross-promoting our show with other related shows has been critical for that growth, as well as generally having a team that cares about reaching the right audience and making sure our content is valuable for listeners,” said Lola Blanc, creator and host of Trust Me.

Additional strategic marketing successes include:

Our Fake History has experienced a 25% increase in audience sizes since January 2022.

The Jordan Harbinger Show has had a 25% increase in episodic downloads numbers.

Melissa Gorga On Display and Kail Lowry’s Coffee Convos have each grown over 125% in August alone with On Display climbing to #19 on the All Categories chart on Apple.

Namaste B$tches from Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and co-host Melissa Pfeister debuted in the Top 100 on Apple’s top podcast chart.

Since early 2022, PodcastOne has consistently charted in the top ten of all reporting podcast networks, and Podtrac reports that the network grew from 6.148M unique US downloads in July 2022 to 7.303M downloads in August for an increase of nearly 19% in overall audience.

PodcastOne Partners with Adori Labs For Their Pioneering YouTube Tech

Adori Labs, a leading interactive audio platform and PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne announced that they have entered into an agreement that allows the podcast network and its roster of top performing hosts to integrate unique visual elements into the podcast they produce and distribute via YouTube becoming the first podcast network to utilize Adori’s pioneering interface technology.

Adori’s unique YouTube integration technology allows podcast hosts to seamlessly import episodes from RSS feeds, enhance them with visual elements, and upload enriched assets directly to YouTube, Adori’s patented technology embeds contextual visuals, multi-format ads, AR experiences, buy buttons, polls, and other “call to action” features in the audio stream.

This creates a more enhanced and richer listening experience. In creating visually enhanced podcasts, Adori’s YouTube product provides additional monetization avenues for PodcastOne’s slate of original programming, increased discoverability, and SEO presence.

Adori co-founder and CEO, Nathan Iyer said, “We are excited to partner with PodcastOne, the leading advertiser-supported on demand digital audio network in the industry. Adori’s technology can help to significantly increase their revenue and audience through YouTube, the fastest growing podcast listening platform in the world.”

With over 500 episodes of The Steve Austin Show available via PodcastOne, the streamer’s reinvention of classic episodes utilizing Adori technology has introduced the much-followed wrestling podcast to legions of new fans. Melissa Gorga On Display, a fan favorite of BravoPhilies introduced new weekly episodes with exclusive content from Gorga to augment the show. Barely Famous, a newly launched podcast from Teen Mom to Mogul Kail Lowry, continues to see rapid growth in download numbers and expects to launch Adori enhanced YouTube content in the coming weeks.

“At PodcastOne we continually search for avenues that allow our hosts to be more engaged with listeners, to offer unique experiences for our audiences and to create interactive environments that boost download numbers and attract new fans. Captivated audiences secure long-term success both for our hosts and for our advertisers,” said Jim Ballas, Chief Technology Officer for PodcastOne.

PodcastOne is the first podcast network to utilize Adori’s YouTube interface, joining Adori’s global customers including leading content creators, publishers, and networks.

PodcastOne’s LADYGANG Podcast Announces Star-Filled Lineup of Guest Hosts

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and subsidiary of LiveOne, announced that LADYGANG podcast has lined up a roster of their famous friends to step up and fill in, guest hosting for podcast founder Becca Tobin who is on maternity leave after recently welcoming her first child earlier this year.

Guest hosts include Heather Dubrow, Danny Pellegrino, Jackie Schimmell, TINX, Jason Tartick, Garcelle Beauvais, Michael Yo and Josephine Skriver.

LADYGANG is a celebrity driven podcast made for women, by women, from the minds and mouths of Keltie Knight, Jack Vanek, and Becca Tobin where no subject is off limits. Since its inception in 2015, LADYGANG has garnered over 150 million downloads making it one of the most popular podcasts for women in the world.

“With Becca on maternity leave, we’ve invited some of our famous friends to be hosts with us. We’re wishing Becca the best of luck and can’t wait for her to be back full-time!”, said Knight and Vanek.

The show has been nominated for a Webby Award, a People’s Choice Award and in 2016 was named Podcast of the Year. Their first book, “Act Like a Lady” became an instant New York Times bestseller and they recently collaborated their first fashion collection with national retailer Express.

In 2018, they starred and executive produced the television version of LADYGANG for E!. What began as a movement to help women feel less alone by offering content that was unapologetic, unfiltered and very real, has grown into a community of millions and become a powerhouse media brand that has partnered with corporations such as Disney, Netlix, Hyundai, Anheuser-Busch and Chanel.

PodcastOne Named to Top Podcast Publishers List by Podtrac

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne announced that it has been named to the list of Top Podcast Publishers by the industry leading podcast metric company Podtrac. Podtrac provides the podcast industry’s only ranking of top publishers based on unique audience counts. PodcastOne enters the listings ranked #12 as one of the only two independent podcasting publishers in the Top 15.

PodcastOne’s ranking comes on the heels of the successes and strengths of tentpole podcasts Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, The Jordan Harbinger Show, LADYGANG and The Adam Carolla Show. As well as acquisitions of top performing programs such as Baby Mamas No Drama, True Crime All the Time Unsolved, and This is MONSTERS, which all saw significant audience growth since joining PodcastOne.

Download numbers were significant for PodcastOne developed programs in 2021 with Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain, Uncut with Jay Cutter, which launched in the top 20 of all podcasts on iTunes, and Bad Bad Thing, a chilling true crime podcast that quickly rose to the top of podcast listings globally and has been cited as “Best of” 2021 by publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine. Ongoing partnerships with networks A&E on Cold Case Files and I Survived and REELZ with Sex, Lies & Murder, both contributed greatly to PodcastOne’s continued success.

“Being recognized by Podtrac with inclusion on the Top Publishers list is a testament to the hard work of the PodcastOne team both behind the mic and behind the scenes. We’re on track post even bigger numbers in 2022 with a goal to crack the Top 10 list.” Said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

PodcastOne’s full roster of programming is available on PodcastOne, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon and wherever podcasts are heard.

LiveOne’s PodcastOne and Jordan Harbinger Strike Seven-Figure Renewal Deal

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne, announced today that it has signed a high seven figure renewal deal with podcast host and former Wall Street attorney Jordan Harbinger that keeps him and his top rated The Jordan Harbinger Show with the network for the foreseeable future. The Jordan Harbinger Show launched with the network in 2018 and is available on PodcastOne, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook and wherever podcasts are heard.

With download numbers nearing 11 million monthly and over 300 million all-time, The Jordan Harbinger Show is a leading interview podcast featuring in-depth conversations with people at the top of their game from business leaders, entertainers, scientists and athletes to an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to global spies and psychologists. Previous guests have included AirBnB’s entrepreneur Mark Cuban, television journalist Anderson Cooper, Academy Award winning author Matthew McConaughey, musician Moby, hip-hop artist T-Pain, rapper Rick Ross, scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, and athletes like Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman and Tony Hawk.

“Jordan embodies what podcasting is all about. His impeccable interviewing skills, his unmatched rapport with guests, his integrity and his knowledge of marketing and the business of podcasting are keystones in the growth of The Jordan Harbinger Show and his audience is ever expanding. Not only is Jordan a dream partner in podcasting, he’s also a dear friend and we are looking forward to, and anticipating, even bigger things in 2022 and beyond,” said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

The Jordan Harbinger Show has been named one of the “Best Of” and “Most Downloaded Shows” by Apple and has been on the iTunes Top 50 Chart in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. The show has been nominated for AdWeek’s Podcast of the Year Awards, Digital Hollywood Award, Discover Pods Awards.

PodcastOne Announced Judges to Find the Next Big Podcast Star

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, has set its award winning panel of judges to select the winner of Self Made Podcast Edition, an audio competition to find the next big podcast star for the network giant. The storied list of podcast notables and advertising and media industry executives will use criteria ranging from sound quality to host relatability to show promotion paired with download numbers, to determine the grand prize winner.

Selected for the panel are:

Kaitlyn Bristowe, creator and host of Off the Vine, one of the most successful and downloaded podcasts for women. Bristowe is also current Co-host of The Bachelorette and recently was crowned champion of Dancing with the Stars;

Adam Carolla, host and Guiness World Record holder for the world’s most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carola Show. Additionally, Carolla is the former host of the iconic radio and television series Loveline;

Emmy Award-winner Doug Ellin who created the smash HBO series Entourage and host of two podcast series, Hollywood Ways and the Victory Podcast which garnered more than 5 million downloads in its first 12 months.

Internationally recognized broadcast journalist Jillian Hamilton who hosts the podcast Cheating: When Love Lies;

Barbara Schroeder will also serve as a mentor in addition to her judging duties. Schroeder who created the Netflix hit documentary Evil Genius and whose podcast Bad Bad Thing catapulted onto the top True Crime genre charts will provide expert insight with each of the finalists to help them hone their storytelling skills.

Rounding out the group of esteemed panelists are revered and venerated podcast industry scions and advertising industry executives James Ingrassia, Head of Client Services, Oxford Road, the leading Los Angeles-based audio ad agency; DeSha Runnels, Vice President of Media, Ad Results, the world’s leading audio & podcast advertising agency; Sarah Cotenoff, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Podsights, the leading attribution platform for podcast advertising; John Goforth, Chief Revenue Officer, Magellan AI, the leading developer of a data and analytics platform used to analyze podcasts and organize the data; Kit Gray, Co-Founder and President of PodcastOne; and member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Norm Pattiz, Founder of PodcastOne and WestwoodOne.

Self Made Podcast Edition is driven by fans as well as the panel of judges, all listening to see who will take the top prize: a podcasting contract with PodcastOne, and a total package worth over $100,000 including promotion across the network. The competition will culminate in episodes submitted by each of the five finalists via LaunchpadOne. With over 1200 independent podcasts, LaunchpadOne is PodcastOne’s free innovative podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization platform that provides an end-to-end podcast solution. A winner will then be crowned on September 30, 2021 – International Podcast Day.

PodcastOne Announced Global Debut of LaunchpadOne

PodcastOne announced the launch of LaunchpadOne, a free innovative podcast hosting, distribution, and monetization platform that provides an end to end podcast solution.

Starting with over 1,000 podcasts, LaunchpadOne offers creators a 360 podcasting ecosystem – a cutting-edge technology hosting platform, customizable design elements, a podcast player, distribution tools to publish on all major listening apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast and Pocket Casts and others, and a deep network of shows.

The platform’s robust technology, promotion, and monetization opportunities will allow podcast creators to leverage unique opportunities from PodcastOne, such as the ability to accumulate new listeners, get discovered, and collaborate with the established podcast network.

Some of the key features now available to creators on LaunchpadOne include:

Ad Revenue: Keep 100% of all advertising revenue that the podcast sells, including embedded live reads and pre-recorded ads.

Custom Hosting Network: Collaborate with LaunchpadOne to develop a branded, white-labeled platform to host your own network of shows, a flexible solution for everyone from upstart podcast producers to enterprise-level companies.

Customizable Players: Customize the embeddable podcast player to match your website or branding through the use of the new custom player tool in the CMS or through CSS Style Sheets.

Podcast Directory: Help a new audience discover your podcast in PodcastOne’s robust Podcast Directory.

Enhanced Reporting: Industry-standard IAB metrics and easy to read visuals. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and custom breakouts to track podcast performances.

Donations: For the first time, LaunchpadOne podcasters will be able to connect a PayPal account and receive donations from listeners through LaunchpadOne. Terms and fees apply.

Apple Reviews: Import your Apple Podcast reviews and ratings directly into your LaunchpadOne dashboard.

Learning Center: Launchpad Learn is a new blog center available to everyone that will host articles and content around podcasting best practices, trends, and helpful instructions. New content will be posted consistently and provide insight from industry experts.

Ongoing Feature Enhancements:
Continued development and platform updates to match the rapid growth of podcasting industry including planned additions to monetization tools, subscription features, automated transcriptions, editing software integration and more.

The Verge reported some clarification. PodcastOne can insert two ads into any show that hosts on its platform. These ads are sold through PodcastOne’s team, and the company said it retains 100 percent of revenue “in order to keep hosting free”.

For PayPal donations, PodcastOne retains a 4 percent service fee, with 95 percent of donations going to the podcaster. The revenue from any ads the podcaster sells, records, and embeds themselves will be fully kept by the podcaster.

LiveXLive’s PodcastOne Teams with Microsoft Edge

PodcastOne, a leading platform and a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media announced that it will produce and distribute the Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge podcast with Jordan Harbinger (The Jordan Harbinger Show) and television host and lifestyle expert Chelsea Briggs trading hosting duties through the limited run series which is set to launch on June 7, 2021 on PodcastOne, as well as Apple, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are heard.

Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge is a weekly podcast that explores the cutting edge of Internet innovation and pop culture trends. Each of the ten planned episodes will dig into how people are currently using the web to innovate, notable ways in which it’s evolving, what its future might look like, and how we can create that future together.

With subject matter that ranges from Bitcoin, Human Rights, and NFT’s, to Internet marketing and social media growth, Microsoft and hosts Harbinger and Briggs will welcome curious creators, disruptors, and innovation on the Edge.

As one of the leading networks, PodcastOne continues to develop and produce compelling content to generate excitement and intrigue in the audio space. Along with its parent company, LiveXLIve, PodcastOne is leading the industry and encouraging its expansion through platforms and relationships like this one with Microsoft Edge that allows brands to further expand the scope of its marketing campaign by reaching audiences in the fastest growing medium available, podcasting.