Podlove Makes it Easier for Listeners to Subscribe to Podcasts

Podlove is an initiative to improve the overall technical infrastructure for podcasting. It is both a network for developers to discuss features and agree on standards as well as an incubator for software and file formats under the Podlove name. Podlove has created the Podlive Subscribe Button.

The Podlove Subscribe Button is described as “a universal and easy-to-use button, to subscribe to podcasts with player clients or website clients.” Podlove also describes it as “One button to subscribe to them all.”

It appears to be simple to set up. First, a podcaster visits the Podlove Subscribe Button website. Next, he or she clicks the button on the website that is called “Get the Subscribe Button”. According to Podlove “there is (usually) no step three”.

A podcaster can customize what their Button will look like. You can chose the size: small, medium, or big. The Format can be rectangle, square, or cover. You can select from filled, outline, or frameless for the style. There is an option to put in the exact color you want (by typing in the Hex color code information for that specific hue).

You can also pick the language: Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, Finnish, or French. The example of the Button shows an icon of an ipod. You can change that to be your podcast’s cover image instead.

When you are done, you hit a button that copies the script to your website. Podcasters can then go to their website and activate the Podlove Subscribe Button in the WordPress Widget. WordPress can install the Podlove Subscribe Button Plugin from the Podlove website. Those who aren’t using WordPress can use a generator to create individual script for your website.

Listeners who visit your podcast’s website, and who want to subscribe to your podcast, can click the Podlove Subscribe Button. The listener won’t have to leave your website and browse through iTunes in order to subscribe.