PodcastOne Named to Top Podcast Publishers List by Podtrac

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveOne announced that it has been named to the list of Top Podcast Publishers by the industry leading podcast metric company Podtrac. Podtrac provides the podcast industry’s only ranking of top publishers based on unique audience counts. PodcastOne enters the listings ranked #12 as one of the only two independent podcasting publishers in the Top 15.

PodcastOne’s ranking comes on the heels of the successes and strengths of tentpole podcasts Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, The Jordan Harbinger Show, LADYGANG and The Adam Carolla Show. As well as acquisitions of top performing programs such as Baby Mamas No Drama, True Crime All the Time Unsolved, and This is MONSTERS, which all saw significant audience growth since joining PodcastOne.

Download numbers were significant for PodcastOne developed programs in 2021 with Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain, Uncut with Jay Cutter, which launched in the top 20 of all podcasts on iTunes, and Bad Bad Thing, a chilling true crime podcast that quickly rose to the top of podcast listings globally and has been cited as “Best of” 2021 by publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine. Ongoing partnerships with networks A&E on Cold Case Files and I Survived and REELZ with Sex, Lies & Murder, both contributed greatly to PodcastOne’s continued success.

“Being recognized by Podtrac with inclusion on the Top Publishers list is a testament to the hard work of the PodcastOne team both behind the mic and behind the scenes. We’re on track post even bigger numbers in 2022 with a goal to crack the Top 10 list.” Said Kit Gray, President of PodcastOne.

PodcastOne’s full roster of programming is available on PodcastOne, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon and wherever podcasts are heard.

Podtrac Announced it is IAB Compliant

Podtrac announced that the IAB Tech Lab officially verified Podtrac’s podcast measurement system as compliant with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.0.

Podtrac provides the industry with the first podcast audience counts through a redirect that are verified as compliant with the Version 2.0 guidelines across any podcast publisher to easily access verified counts for their podcast.

Podtrac’s Version 2.0 guidelines-compliant analytics apply to all podcast download and unique monthly audience counts provided by Podtrac to publishers in their Podtrac Measurement Dashboard and to the industry at large via Podtrac’s Industry Rankings, which provides a ranking of podcasts across all podcast listening sources by unique US monthly audience.

The IAB Podcast Working Group, comprised of more than 40 member companies, including podcast publishers and hosting companies, developed the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 1.0 published in 2016 and Version 2.0 guidelines published in 2017. The IAB Tech Lab’s Podcast Measurement Compliance Program is an opt-in initiative, and includes a rigorous audit of systems and technologies used to produce counts consistent with the guidelines.

Since 2005, Podtrac has proactively updated its analysis algorithms based on changes to podcast download behaviors and technologies. Podtrac measures over a billion downloads a month across tens of thousands of podcasts including the most popular publishers and podcasts.

Podtrac Released a Podtrac Measurement 2019 Update

Podtrac made a update to its algorithm for calculating unique downloads. This change will go into effect on the Podtrac dashboard on June 1, 2019. The new download numbers were reported for the first time for top publishers in the April Top 10 Publishers ranking.

Podtrac is updating its measurement algorithm as part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab compliance and certification process, as well as taking this opportunity to update for changes in the podcast landscape.

How will the update affect Podtrac Podcaster’s numbers? Podtrac says the good news is that your unique monthly audience numbers (US and Global) will not see substantial change.

However, the not so happy news is you should expect to see your download numbers decrease to be consistent with the new guidelines.

Podtrac explains that download numbers might go up or down anyway based on seasonality associated with your show or podcast. Keep in mind that your download numbers might go up or down anyway based on any seasonality associated with your show or podcast consumption trends in general, but the overall impact from the new algorithm is changes will be a more conservative download count per the IAB standard.

Podtrac pointed out that the IAB published Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0 in December of 2017. Advertisers are getting behind the IAB Compliance Program as a way to make it easier and more reliable for them to make advertising decisions across multiple shows. Advertisers are requesting companies submit advertising proposals to identify shows with IAB 2.0 certified counts.

You may want to read the entire Podtrac update post for more information.

Podtrac Launches Podcast Industry’s First Rankings

Podtrac logoPodtrac, a leading podcast measurement and advertising company, announced that the company will divide its services and offer them under two separate brands: Podtrac for independent audience measurement and analytics, and Authentic for podcast advertising services.

Podtrac announced the first Podcast Industry Audience Rankings, a free monthly ranking of the top 10 podcast publishers, by a new industry metric “US Unique Monthly Audiences”. The metric quantifies monthly audience size by publisher across all shows and episodes they produce.

Podtrac is measuring 90% of the top podcast publishers and plans to have close to 100% participation in the weeks ahead. It currently has placed NPR, This American Life/Serial, WNYC Studios, HowStuffWorks and TWIT at the top of the list.

The current ranking report from Podtrac covers 28 million unique monthly US listeners, 3.85% million global, and 169 million unique downloads. The complete ranking is available at http:podtrac.com.industry-rankings.

Podtrac has been a leader in podcast advertising and measurement, representing high-quality popular podcasts and advertisers, and has measured and analyzed more than seven billion unique downloads across 10,000 of the most popular podcasts for 10 years. Podtrac wrote the first white paper on podcast measurement in 2005 and has provided advertisers with the demographics data on thousands of podcasts to identify the shows that best meet their target demographic.

Authentic provides advertising services for podcasts and advertisers. Authentic represents high-quality popular podcasts including This American Life, Serial, This Week in Tech, Alice Isn’t Dead, Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, and hundreds of other top podcasts. Ads are delivered in the tone and voice of each show to their highly-engaged audiences.

Authentic’s ad services started in 2005 as Podtrac ad services working with more brands than any other podcast company. Authentic will continue to leverage its years of learning to offer the most comprehensive ad services for the podcast industry. With Podtrac’s new metrics, advertisers and podcast publishers can now access the unique monthly reach of each podcast publisher across all the shows they produce to better inform their podcast advertising planning and content decisions.