Poductivity Wants to Standardize Audience Interaction

Mark Asquith is the CEO of Poductivity. It is currently in the alpha testing stage. You can sign up to be in the beta by requesting an invitation. Poductivity is set to launch in early 2019. Poductivity was created by the same team behind Rebel Base Media.

Mark Asquith has a goal: to bridge the gap between what we believe a listener does and what they’re actually doing. He wants to standardize audience interaction across the podcast industry.

He wants all podcasters to be able to measure exactly how many listeners do the things that we ask them to do. He wants podcasters to be able to develop calls to action and calls to interaction that your listeners can use to directly engage with you, your show, your sponsors and your business.

Our interaction technology gives you the opportunity to set multiple, time-bound calls to action and interaction opportunities within each episode of your podcast. 

Using a single-tap button with a context that shifts depending on what you’re asking your listener to do within any given timeframe, e.g. over a pre-roll sponsor read, whilst telling them about your product, event ticket or merchandise, Poductivity allows your listener to act instantly to “get” whatever it is you’re asking them to get; Poductivity makes it easy for your listener to act.

Poductivity wants to make it possible for your listeners to do what you ask them to with just one tap. Right now, Poductivity is working to integrate with as many apps and platforms as possible on launch.

Those that request an invitation to the pre-registration beta need to be aware that it operates on a referral system. “The higher in-line you are, the earlier you’ll receive your invitation.”