PodUK will Happen in February of 2019

PodUK is the UK’s first podcasting fan convention. It will happen on February 2, 2019, at Millennium Point. Tickets are on sale now.

PodUK is a one-day celebration of UK Podcasting, with Panels, Q&A’s, Recordings, and Workshops ranging from podcast creation to fandom culture. We aren’t particularly interested in the corporate side of podcasting; PodUK is all about establishing a light-hearted, geek-centric environment for podcasting and podcaster fans.

Tickets are on sale now (through Eventbrite). The Early Bird ticket is £15.00 (including the Eventbrite booking fee). The General Admission ticket is £20.00 (including the Eventbrite booking fee). There are Disabled Access tickets available, and there are more details about that on the PodUK page. There are also a limited number of press passes available.

PodUK recommends that attendees read their Terms & Conditions before you purchase a ticket. A schedule for the event has not yet been posted – but is “coming soon”.

Guest Podcasts include:

A Scottish Podcast  – Matthew McLean is an audio drama writer and producer. He’s founder of the Audio Drama Production Podcast, and work as Head of Audio at The Podcast Host, where he produces Hostile Worlds.A Scottish Podcast, the horror-comedy audio drama series.

Podcraft  – Hosted by Colin Gray, Podcraft is the long-serving “how to podcast” series. Colin is also the founder of The Podcast Host, as well as running the space/science audio drama/documentary hybrid series Hostile Worlds, and is creator of the “podcast maker” tool Alitu.

We Fix Space Junk –Following in the footsteps of Harry Harrison, Brian Aldiss and Douglas Adams, We Fix Space Junk is a sci-fi comedy podcast from Battle Bird Productions, written by Beth Crane (Upholstery, Ronnie and the Other World) and produced by Hedley Knights (The People’s Rock).