People are Making Pokémon Go Podcasts

Pokemon Go logoI was curious to see if there were any Pokémon Go podcasts out there, so I consulted Google. Some of the ones that popped up looked questionable, but I did manage to find some that look promising. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Pokémon Go, and its is nice to see that players are making fan focused podcasts about the game.

The Pokémon Go podcasts in this list are all new to me – and I haven’t listened to any of them yet. None of these podcasts were created by Niantic or Nintendo. They are all fan podcasts.

* Pokémon Go Podcast became part of Giant Size Team Up earlier this month. The podcast is under the creative direction of Charles McFall (from The Helicarrier, and Breaking the Panel), and Brian Ibbot (from Coverville, and The Morning Stream).

The show is going to continue to feature legacy host Joseph Ard with Podastry founder Beau York credited as Executive producer. They’ve got four numbered episodes and a handful of preceding ones.

* Gotta Pokémon Go is hosted by Sarah & Laina. I wasn’t able to find any information about them, but can say that they have five episodes that were released about a week apart from each other. Consistency is a good thing, especially in a brand new podcast.

* PKMNcast has the catchphrase “It’s super effective!” It’s About Page says it has made it as high as the #2 most downloaded video game podcast on iTunes, and also can be found in the “What’s Hot” section and in the top 50 most listened to Games & Hobbies section on Stitcher Radio. PKMNcast is a weekly podcast for Pokémon fans.

Their most current episode is numbered 227. You can find podcast episodes and Pokémon related blog posts on their website.

* Pokémon Go Time Podcast started about a month ago, and their most recent episode was released this week. It features one person from Team Instinct, another person from Team Mystic, and a third person from Team Valor. The hosts share their experiences while playing Pokémon Go. It seems to me that this one is a community focused podcast.