PRX To Distribute Condé Nast Podcasts

Public media organization PRX announced a new podcast collaboration with Condé Nast. PRX, one of the world’s top podcast publishers, will distribute the company’s podcasts across all podcast platforms.

Condé Nast’s slate includes acclaimed shows across areas of news, narrative storytelling, fashion, food, politics, travel, technology, media, music, and investigative journalism. PRX will bring Condé Nast’s premiere podcasts to audiences and advertisers and help to unlock new revenue opportunities.

Condé Nast’s podcasts will continue to be available on-demand wherever listeners choose to listen. Shows now brought to listeners in partnership with PRX include the following: Inside the Hive from Vanity Fair, The Run-Through with Vogue, Critics at Large from The New Yorker, Dinner SOS from Bon Appétit, Women Who Travel from Condé Nast Traveler, Have a Nice Future, from Wired, The Pitchfork Review, and the Peabody Award-winning In The Dark, which is launching two new series with The New Yorker in 2024.

Several shows from The New Yorker, including the The New Yorker Radio Hour, will continue to be distributed in partnership with WNYC, with Condé Nast and PRX also collaborating on advertising initiatives.

“I’m delighted with this partnership in our evolution in audio,” said David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker and the hose of The New Yorker Radio Hour.

“PRX has had an enormously positive impact on the development of the audio industry, and it has long supported original work by some of the most creative people in podcasting, said Condé Nast’s new premium shows while representing the ideals of public media and expanding its reach.”

PRX podcast partners also include TED, PBS, the Smithsonian, Radiotopia, and more. Shows brought to listeners in partnership with PRX have been awarded by the International Documentary Association, the DuPont-Columbia Awards, the Peabody Awards, the Tribeca Festival, and the Pulitzer Prizes.

PRX And Sonic Partner To Provide Podcast Creation And Production Services

Leading audio production company Sonic Union and top podcast distributor PRX, an award-winning public media organization, announced a new strategic partnership. PRX Productions – PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling – and Sonic Union will jointly provide podcast creation and production services to brands seeking to create original podcasts.

Sonic Union serves as a nationwide creative services and audio production house, for collaborations with ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, museums, and entertainment clients. PRX Productions has created original podcasts in partnership with significant consumer brands, creatives, and mission-focused entities alike, including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Simon & Shuster, the Woman’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, America Abroad Media, and more. To date, PRX and Sonic Union have partnered on podcasts including Out Travel the System, a travel podcast from Expedia, and an acclaimed teen advice podcast, We Got You.

In addition to expertise in podcast development, PRX operates Dovetail, a best-in-class podcast distribution platform trusted by a variety of major producers and acclaimed storytellers. The platform is an advantageous component for aligning distribution with data, analytics, and monetization.

According to a recent study, podcasting is on the rise as an effective medium to engage with audiences. The reach of podcasts are growing particularly among younger demographics, reaching nearly as many individuals between ages 18 and 34 as radio and television. Additionally, audiences are also more likely to consider brands they hear via podcasts than from other forms of media. 

In this compelling time for podcasting, PRX Productions and Sonic Union aim to draw on their shared expertise, success, and commitment to quality while also increasing their capabilities to serve as close audio partners to brands, organizations, marketers, and advertising agencies as brand media plans to include podcasting.

“We’re proud that PRX is one of the top podcast distributors in the world,” notes Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development at PRX. “Our in-house production team PRX Productions creates premium audio and podcasts for and with outstanding partners. The team at Sonic Union are masters of the craft and have deep relationships with major advertising agencies and creatives across the U.S. Our hope is that we’ll complement one another while together delivering the best possible opportunities and service.”

“Audio narrative is a powerful and effective tool for engagement. As our agency and brand clients ideate attention grabbing campaigns, podcasting will more steadily become part of media plans, and may not include the integration of podcasting with social channels, YouTube, and video components. This is a territory we are collectively poised to help navigate,” says Halle Petro, Sonic Union Executive Creative Director. “This exciting partnership will help to provide strategy ahead of the curve within the industry.”

PRX Opens Submissions for The PRX Big Question Podcast

2022 Pulitzer Prize-winning public media organization PRX – one of the world’s leading podcast publishers – announced a new podcast development program for individuals, thinkers, and storytellers focused on or at the intersection of scientific, philosophical, and spiritual life. Participants will be guided through the podcast piloting process before developing at least two seasons of their podcast, up to eight episodes each.

The program is open to either individuals or production teams of up to two people each, who are new to the audio medium, located in the United States or Canada. Supported by the John Templeton Foundation, submissions are welcome from those whose expertise includes or intersects with the natural sciences, human sciences, philosophy, ethics, or theology. More information is below regarding subject areas.

Applications are open now through October 31, 2022. Visit for full information and for the application.

Applicants will be notified of their application status at the end of 2022, and the program will take place from January 2023 – August 2024 (subject to change).

Participants in PRX’s Big Questions Project, will receive $35,000 in funding to produce a podcast pilot and two seasons of an original series. Participants will work directly with PRX Productions, PRX’s award-winning team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling for and with creators such as CBS News and Simon & Schuster, PBS, America Abroad Media, and more.

Based on the pilot, PRX will work closely with each participant in the program to provide access to the following:

PRX technology and distribution resources, including one year of free access to PRX Dovetail, the best-in-class podcast publishing and monetization platform designed for post-production flexibility and support, and featuring tools such as metrics.

Mentorship sessions with PRX’s sponsorship, development, and business teams; and

Marketing resources to help podcast series reach and engage audiences

The aim of the PRX Big Questions Project is to help listeners gain a deeper understanding of how issues such as spirituality, character, ethics, and humility connect to their daily lives, thereby seeking creators whose work gives voice to the deepest questions facing humanity.

For the podcast development program, individuals of any professional experience level in their respective field are invited to apply, but their podcast must pertain to one of the following subject areas:

The natural sciences through explorations of the fundamental structures, constituents, and laws of the natural world and humankind’s place in it;

The human sciences through explorations of human nature, the study of human flourishing, and fundamental structures and realities within the social, behavioral, and cognitive sciences; or,

Theology and philosophy through explorations of the divine and divinity, religion and spirituality, and intersections between philosophy, science, morality, and social systems.

Four podcast will be selected. Applicants will be notified by the end of 2022.

PRX will hold a virtual information session about the PRX Big Questions Project and the application process. This event will take place Tuesday, Sep. 20, at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT. Sign up for this free webinar is available at this Zoom registration link. A captioned video recording and transcript will be provided on the FAQ page of the application following the webinar.

PRX And Goat Rodeo Forge Creative And Strategic Podcast Partnership

Independent production company Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner of PRX Productions, PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling.

Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner for PRX Productions PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling to create original series alongside editorial partners. PRX Productions also creates sponsored podcasts for and with mission-aligned organizations. This new strategic partnership will open opportunities for both PRX and Goat Rodeo, increasing production capacity for PRX Productions while allowing for creative collaboration and close coordination. In addition, PRX will distribute a slate of Goat Rodeo original projects.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the trusted and talented team at Goat Rodeo to expand possibilities for PRX Productions and the podcasts we can create together,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development and Content at PRX.

Helmed by Peabody Award-winning audio creator Jocelyn Gonzales and a team of acclaimed producers, PRX Productions specializes in high-quality audio, creating podcasts in concert with CBS News and Simon & Schuster (Unsung Science with David Pogue), Ben & Jerry’s (Blackberry Jams), America Abroad Media (The Universal Title) PBS, (NOVA Now), Echoverse, and more.

Goat Rodeo, an accomplished creative audio team, produces original podcasts spanning storytelling, journalism, and entertainment working alongside partners that includes The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lawfare, and iHeartMedia.

“This partnership is a huge step forward for PRX and Goat Rodeo. For over seven years, we’ve made unparalleled execution and mission-driven storytelling a cornerstone of our work. For the leadership at PRX to bring our talents together with our shared vision represents a new chapter for us,” said Ian Enright, Chief Executive Officer at Goat Rodeo.

“For so long we’ve felt like the best kept secret in audio. To see Goat Rodeo strengths as a high level audio team paired with PRX’s institutional weight is such an amazing leap forward. Our team is so excited to show the great work our teams can create together,” said Megan Nadolski, Chief Operating Officer at Goat Rodeo.

PRX Announces New Round of the Google Podcasts Creators Program

Public media organization PRX – one of the world’s leading podcast publishers – announced a new round of the Google Podcasts creator program, a podcast accelerator and training program for audio producers around the world.

PRX launched the Google Podcasts creator program in 2018 with a mission to help build a global, empowered audio community. The program has welcomed creators from Brazil, India, Kenya, Spain, Lebanon, Canada, Cuba, the United States, and elsewhere. This round – the program’s third – is open to mid-career podcasters seeking to level up their productions.

Led by the podcast training team at PRX, the program’s intensive curriculum will focus on areas including content an creative development, business development, audience growth, and long-term sustainability, and new strategic pathways such as video.

Applicants opened on March 29 here.

Each creator team in the program will receive:

20 weeks of intensive training. Throughout the training program, teams will also be guided through the production of assets such as pitch decks, production, marketing, and monetization plans, and audio. At the endow the program, creators will participate in a public-facing final showcase of work;

Up to $20,000 in funding for production costs as well as travel reimbursement;

One-on-one mentorship; and,

Access to a network of industry experts and a robust community of peers.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 24. Creative teams or individuals based in any location in the U.S. or internationally with proficiency in English and who are producers of existing podcasts are eligible. Creators across all genres are welcome and podcast content may be published in any language.

Six teams will be selected to participate in the Google Podcasts creator program. Participants will be notified by early June 2022 and the 20-week training program will kick off in late June 2022.

Those interested in applying for the program are also encouraged to attend one of two informational webinars, where PRX will be answering applicants’ questions about the 2022 accelerator, the application process, and eligibility. Register now to attend on April 8th or April 15th.

“We see our work as a catalyst for change in the global growing audio community, and we’re committed to empowering producers around the world,” said Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX. “We’re thrilled for a new chapter of the Google Podcasts creator program as the training curriculum continues to have a deep impact with podcast teams. Thank you to our partners at Google.”

Google Podcasts creator program alumni include City of Women (Bangalore, India), AfroQueer (Nairobi, Kenya), Las Raras (Santiago, Chile) De Es No Se Habla (Madrid, Spain), Literacy Kings (Houston, Texas), On Spec (Istanbul, Turkey), Letters to Boys (Lagos, Nigeria), and Self Evident (New York, New York).

PRX Builds Two New Podcast Content Roles

Public media organization PRX announced that Julie Shapiro and Audrey Mardavich will serve in newly-created strategic roles on the company’s content team. Shapiro will serve as Vice President of Editorial at PRX and Radiotopia and will also continue as Executive Producer of the acclaimed podcast Ear Hustle. Mardavich will serve as Senior Director of Content of the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX.

Shapiro and Mardavich will help to guide, develop, and envision new partnerships and original content, support vital ongoing programming, and collaborate with creators across the PRX and Radiotopia podcast portfolios. Shapiro and Mardavich report to Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development and Content at PRX.

“As the podcast industry accelerates, Julie will now bring her incredible experience, creativity, and creator-conscious mindset to podcasts and strategic partnerships across PRX’s growing portfolio, and will continue to guide Radiotopia as the network evolves,” said Saldanha. “In addition, since the network’s inception, Audrey’s dedication to Radiotopia’s mission, content, and creators have been without comparison. We’re excited to drive a path forward in audio together that champions independent creators and their work.”

As Vice President of Editorial at PRX and Radiotopia, Shapiro will continue to steer the creative direction and growth of Radiotopia, a podcast network of extraordinary, artist-owned podcasts. In addition, Shapiro will now also help to shepherd large-scale content partnerships throughout PRX. Further, Shapiro will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Ear Hustle team as Executive Producer. Shapiro was named Executive Producer of Radiotopia in 2015 following the launch of the network. Created in 2017 and part of Radiotopia, Ear Hustle is made inside and outside of San Quentin State Prison, sharing daily realities of life there. Shapiro and the Ear Hustle team have received recognition from the Peabody Awards, the duPont-Columbia Awards, and the Pulitzer Prizes, while the podcast has been downloaded more than 55.5 million times. For more than a decade, Shapiro served as Artistic Director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival. She has also served as Executive Producer at ABC Radio National in Australia.

As Senior Director of Content for Radiotopia, Mardavich will oversee the strategic planning, operations, and management of the network, including new launches and ongoing series. Mardavich will work closely with producers and across teams at PRX to achieve production, audience, and revenue goals. Mardavich has held multiple roles at Radiotopia and PRX since 2011, ranging from Director of Special Projects to Radiotopia’s Network Director, helping to drive projects such as the opening of the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston in 2016 and Radiotopia’s live tours on the east and west coasts. Mardavich has also served as a Boston storySLAM producer for “The Moth” and at the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

Both Shapiro and Mardavich will continue to serve as executive producers for Radiotopia Presents, a podcast feed and home for new limited series from independent creators in which producers retain 100% ownership and creative control of their intellectual property while receiving financial, production, distribution, and marketing support. The debut series from Radiotopia Presents, Blind Guy Travels, premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Festival in New York.

“I’m looking forward to supporting PRX’s expanding content ambitions, to identifying new partners and projects, and to breaking new ground creatively by paving the way for more impactful and transformative storytelling,” said Julie Shapiro, Vice President of Editorial at PRX and Radiotopia. “It’s an honor and pleasure to build on the work I’ve done with PRX through Radiotopia and Ear Hustle, and to continue onward working alongside the network and the show, too. Both have big plans in store.”

“It’s a joy to work closely with Radiotopia’s hosts and producers, and to provide a space where creators are valued and their dream projects can thrive,” said Audrey Mardavich, Senior Director of Content of the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX. “As a fierce advocate for independent producers, I look forward to helping lead Radiotopia forward in an ever-changing podcast landscape.”

Google Podcast Creator Program is Taking Applications

Google Podcast Creator Program is guided by a mission of providing a global audio community with open resources, empowering underrepresented voices, and showcasing new work. The program will begin taking applications on July 1, 2020. If you applied to last year’s program, you will need to fill out the application again.

BIPOC podcasters and creators from traditionally marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Last year, we welcomed early-stage producers from Brazil, Chile, Columbia, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain and the United States. This year, the program will serve creators from around the globe who produced at least five episodes of their podcast since January 2019, and who want to advance their skills and take their productions to the next level.

The Google Podcast Creator Program is free to participants. The 12-week training will be entirely virtual and conducted by PRX alongside international industry experts and Google Podcast creator program alumni.

Participants will receive:

  •  Regular feedback on all aspects of their production, including editorial and technical input
  •  Training on topics such as storytelling, sound design, and reaching audiences through marketing and engagement strategies
  •  Equipment and software to help meet independent production needs amid the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic
  •  Up to $12,000 in funding for use as they see fit for their productions

There is a page filled with frequently asked questions (FAQs) for people who want more information about how to apply for the Google Podcast Creator Program.

PRX is Seeking an Editor for Ear Hustle

PRX is seeking a full-time, Bay-area based editor to play a key role in the production of Radiotopia’s Ear Hustle, a podcast that features stories of life inside prison, shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration. The deadline for submitting your application is January 31, 2020.

This person will work closely with the team to shape all aspects of stories told in each episode, both from inside San Quentin State Prison, where the podcast started, and outside the prison, as we continue to explore the re-entry experience. This position starts in early 2020, will be based in Emeryville, CA, but will also include days spent (2-4 per month) with the Ear Hustle team in San Quentin.

The position reports to the senior produce and works closely with the executive producer.

Responsibilities include:

  •  Shape and edit stories from initial pitches to published episodes
  • Craft content in creative new ways while maintaining Ear Hustle’s distinctive style
  • Provide editorial mentorship to producers and hosts
  • Pitch their own story ideas when appropriate
  • Assist in scriptwriting
  • Communicate mix notes to sound designer
  • And more!

Requirements include:

  •  Minimum five years experience in audio storytelling
  • Experience in editing longform narrative audio stories
  • Expertise in script writing
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Solid Pro Tools skills
  • Flexibility and an ability for creative problem-solving in a high-stakes and unpredictable environment
  • And more!

For more details about the responsibilities and requirements of this position, and to apply for it, visit the PRX website where the want-ad is listed.

PRX Announced TRAX – A Podcast Network for Tweens

PRX, the pioneering public media organization that produces and distributes iconic audio programming heard by millions, announced TRAX, a network of original podcasts for preteens and teens ages 9-13 years old.

Funded by a $1.6 million grant to PRX from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, TRAX will feature free, on-demand audio content that is enriching, entertaining, and diverse in genre, format, style and voice. The network will launch in 2020.

PRX has developed the network with guidance from Peabody Award-winning Gen-Z Media, one of the top publishers of high-quality audio content for youth and their families. Gen-Z produces and curates acclaimed podcasts spanning from action-adventure to science education, including Pants on Fire, Tumble, Molly of Denali, and Earth Rangers.

TRAX will feature podcasts from Gen-Z Media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Cocotazo Media, and members of the team behind Night Vale Presents, and more.

Veteran producer Michelle Smawley will lead TRAX as its executive producer. Smawley has produced and developed programming featured on NBC, PBS, CBS, and A&E. Formerly an instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Smawley has also served as a reporter for KBIA in Missouri.

“TRAX intends to broaden the possibilities of audio for preteens and teens – an under-served audience – with bold programming that can also be trusted by parents and caregivers,” continued Hoffman. “We’re grateful to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting for their support.”

PRX Seeks a Digital Content Director

PRX is seeking a Digital Content Director. It is a unique marketing opening at PRX. The person selected for this position must be willing to work in Boston, Massachusetts.

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, the Digital Content Director leads a team of professionals in the strategic development and day-to-day management of PRX’s marketing content and digital platforms. The Director builds and executes marketing campaigns leveraging content as the key asset.

In addition to strong design and marketing campaign concepts, they will have solid understanding of how to navigate across PRX’s platforms across audiences including listeners, donors, potential partners, and media. This position is seated at the cross-section of digital/social content and marketing teams and its an integral role to forge new pathways for building awareness and driving conversations with PRX’s brands, especially around its Radiotopia Network.

PRX says that preference will be given to those candidates who can tangibly demonstrate successful experience building impactful digital campaigns for mission-driven organizations and thrives on understanding best practices and trends across digital channels.

Qualifications include:

  • 5-7 years of experience in content marketing or social media marketing
  • Deep understanding of digital and social media metrics
  • Experience in executing successful branded content campaigns, a plus
  • Knowledge of public media and podcasting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Digital media or relevant field
  • Good knowledge of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Audacity or other media editing software

For more information about the PRX Digital Content Director position, including the requirements for the position, or to apply for the job, please visit the PRX want ad.