Radio Public Partnered with Súbela Podcast

Radio Public announced their partnership with Súbela Podcast. The announcement was posted on Medium and written by Jake Shapiro (co-founder of Radio Public, PRX, and more). The same post can be found on the Radio Public website.

So we are excited to announce our partnership with Súbela, the leading digital radio and podcasting platform of Chile, the country with the fastest growing podcast audience in the world. Since 2011, Súbela has provided Latin American listeners with fresh new audio, and their music and talk programming received over two million downloads across their ten shows last year.

This partnership happened, at least in part, because Jake Shapiro has known Felipe Heusser for a long time. Felipe Heusser is the co-founder of Súbela.

To kick off this partnership, Radio Public has made their first podsites in Spanish. There are 30 of them.

You can browse some of Súbela’s podcasts including: