Spreaker Partners with French Audio Aggregator Radioline

Spreaker LogoThe U.S. is dominating the rest of the world in terms of podcast consumption. But other parts of the world are gaining ground on America’s lead. Research conducted by French firm Médiamétrie found that about 800,000 podcasts are downloaded every day in France. It’s a drop in the bucket when compared to the estimated 46 million podcast downloads that happen every month in the U.S. But it’s still a sizable number and more importantly, it shows that podcasts are definitely being heard on the European side.

Spreaker, a Berlin-based podcasting/live-streaming services provider, has partnered with Radioline, an audio aggregator in France. The collaboration between the two companies will bring Spreaker’s podcast catalog of 27,000 shows into the fold of Radioline’s directory, which currently lists over 25,000 radio stations and 10,000 podcasts from more than 130 countries.

This partnership should help to extend Spreaker’s reach as a distribution platform. It should also bring plenty of new content into an expanding market that’s likely to be looking for new things to listen to.